Mice are nice!

Infinite AR - Episode 18851

Jim felt his ears tingle. He felt them expand and grow until they were perfectly round - each one the size of a CD! Part of him felt scared, but feeling them made him giggle. He looked at his mom to see the same thing had happened to her! "Hee hee, mommy's ears wook funny!" he said, giggling. "Well so do YOURS!" she said, giggling as well. Both of them then fell on thier backs, laughing and giggling about how silly they looked. They were so busy doing so, that neither of them noticed each of them grew tails, fur that matched the color of thier hair, and finally W-shaped mouthes and cute pink noses! Jim was now a two-year-old blonde-haired mouse-boy, and his mother was now a three- year-old blonde-haired mouse-girl. When they got up, they looked at each other and smiled, and watched as thier eyes grew wider until they were anime-esque! If anyone had seen them, those who did would think they were watching an anime cartoon show! "Mommy cute!" Jim said, with a big smile. "Thanks," she said "you too!" The two then hugged eachother. "Let's go outside an' see what else has changed!" Jim's mom said. "Otay!" said Jim. The two mouse-kids then open the door to go outside and see...

  1. everything is still the same, but whoever sees them thinks it's normal
  2. everyone is just like them now - mouse kids with houses that fit
  3. they now live in the side of a wall in a house that's a cat-girl's home

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