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Infinite AR: both babies [Episode 18843]

both babies

Infinite AR - Episode 18843

As the lights from the energy faded, sat 2 babies. Jim was now 3 months old and his mother was almost 1. They sat on their toddler clothing, now too big to fit them. "Wha awe we gonna do now?" Asked jims mom. "We can't stay wike dis fowever!" "Is thewe any way to fix dis jimmy? Jimmy??" Jim could not respond, as he couldn't talk yet. He tried to make out words, but only babbling noises came out. His mother began to cry, and then...

  1. jims sister kati walks in
  2. jims father comes home from work
  3. jim goes to the bathroom on himself
  4. jims mother looks around for something to fix this

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12/13/2012 11:21:16 PM

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