10 yr old Jim abd baby Kati's parents discover them in the room

Infinite AR - Episode 1884

Before Jim decided to do anything their parents walked into the room.

Jim, Kati is that you. What on earth happened to you two asked their mom

I made this ray gun to change other peoples age and Kati used it on me and accidnetly broke it and made her a baby explained Jim

Im no baby so Kati as she was still upset of what had happened

Can you fix your gun asked their dad

Maybe, the gun had a small side affect and I dont remember how I built it or even anything I leanred after this age probably the same with Kati.

Well try your best and until you do you are grounded said their mom

Fow what, I didnt made us younger, Kati said Jim

I cant punish a baby even if she was older before and besides its your fault, if you hadnt made the gun in the first place, the wouldnt have happened then...

  1. Jim starts fixing the gun and succeeds
  2. Jim starts fixing the gun and fails
  3. Jim continues to get younger
  4. Kati begins to get even younger
  5. The parents get younger as well since ht magic of the gun is in the air

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