Rechanging Time

Infinite AR - Episode 18839

When little Jimmy was giving back the gun, the batter was almost dying out. Jim didn't think it would need to be plugged back in so soon, yet turning his late 30rd-year-old mother as well he was 18 years old down to toddlers was taxing to the new age ray. Jim knows he just needed to wait to get it back too 100% by waiting a few hours. So he tries walking the dock with his new thick diaper with little legs, and let his little mommy know it mind be a few hours. "A feww Hours?" said Jim's mommy with a questioning tone. "Well, we do not need to play around with it so much because we still have some stuff from your little cousin cooming over, so we can save powr by not zipping are pants to diapers." Mom said in an understanding tone. Jimmy was happy that his mommy what taking it well. He was worry that his mommy would get upset, but she was so happy being little 3-year-old ones again. So Jimmy gave his mommy a hug saying in excitement, "YA! Mommy is so smart and cute! We could spend some time together in the recharge time." Jimmy Mommy light up when she heard that, and give her little son a kiss on the face. "Jimmy, I miss spending time with you". They feel like she had there are a few hours of us time for today, and had some ideas. "Jimmy, I am bigger than you, so you have to listen to me." With a funny bossy tone. Jimmy reply happily, "okay, mommy" So Mom pat his head and ruffly his thick lighter hair that she didn't see for years, and say, "I love you cutie!". Jimmy Mommy put her tumb in her mouth, and say we should go out and...

  1. Cuddly up, and watch a movie.
  2. Before anything, Jimmy needs to double up diaper because she remember that he a leaky when in diapers.
  3. She show Jimmy her mommy cookie stach that she would snake on.
  4. Kati (Jimmy sister) came over from girl scouts.
  5. Sharon (Jimmy girl friend) came over.

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