The New Invention

Infinite AR - Episode 188

Jim quickly jumped up thinking about his new invention. He'd hardly been able to sleep since deciding on a plan of action that should get him over his biggest hurdle: Getting it to work in a repeatable fashion.

He hoped the random results he'd experienced with plants in testing would soon be a thing of the past. He just needed to implement his new ideas into the prototype design and run some new tests.

He already knew he'd found the fountain of youth thru technology but for it to truly be a successful monetary venture it would need to be consistent and under control. He was certain fame and fortune was in his grasp. Even with the state of the invention currently, he knew could be rich... but to be able to harness its power properly... that was his dream. The person who did that would be rich and famous above their wildest dreams. He was certain that would be him!

  1. Jim's Sister Enters the Room
  2. Jim's Mom Enters the Room
  3. The Prototype is Missing
  4. Jim Goes to Work on the Prototype
  5. Something Else

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11/16/2005 7:00:27 PM

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