Infinite AR - Episode 1875

Jim line of thought was interupted as he heard a large crash near the door.  Moving his now larger more baby like frame around, Jim saw around 10 oversized baby girls all trying to get into the house. 

Jim paniced, it was bad enough that he was stuck in this costume, and had a body like a tall 16 year old girl, but he didn't want to become a baby.  He just wanted himself turned back to normal and his girlfriend.

It was then Jim noticed one of his neighbours come out to see what was going on, and within seconds she was also in a diaper and getting younger and younger.  It seemed the magic of the clothes spread as people got close to someone.

A loud crash behind him forced Jim to turn around to see that baby Sharon had made it into the house.

Jim said 'Sharon we have to work out a way of stopping this'

Sharon just smiled and in her baby voice said 'No Jim, its time for you to become one of us'


  1. Jim felt the whole process speed up, he became a baby girl
  2. Jim ran out of the room
  3. The room was filled with baby girls
  4. Jim felt himself acctually getting smaller

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12/30/2005 8:57:21 PM

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