Baby Jim needs a Diaper

Infinite AR - Episode 1868

Jim, unsure what affects being a 2-year-old could have on him, decides to rip open one of the package of Pampers and diaper himself. However, no sooner did Jim took out a diaper did a female employee of Babies R' Us appear and walk up to him. "Need some help there, little guy?"

Jim, being a guy and now rendered a 2-year-old, was unsure of his diapering skills, and so nods at the young woman's offer.

The woman takes the diaper from Jim's hand, lays him out on the floor, applies some powder and baby oil from the shelf, and then slides the diaper underneath him and tapes it on. "There, all done."

Jim blushes as he was powdered, oiled, and diapered, and yet found himself somewhat enjoying the experience. After she said she was done, he stood up. "Thanks." However, this diaper didn't seem to last long, as he began to wet himself, appearing to have lost his bladder control... and possibly even control of his bowels as well. Whether it was a result of the regression or the recent diapering, he wasn't sure, but now, either way, he needed them.

The woman must have noticed Jim wetting himself, because she said "Oh, you poor baby... here, let's get you into a dry diaper." She then removes the wet diaper, cleans him with baby wipes, applies powder and baby oil, and then...

  1. diapers him again (No further regression)
  2. diapers him into a infant's diaper (Regression)
  3. diapers him into a pink diaper (Transgender)
  4. diapers him and takes him to the Clothing Aisle
  5. diapers him, adopts him and raises him all over again

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9/30/2008 7:48:23 AM

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