This just gets weirder and weirder...

Infinite AR - Episode 18653

Jim suddenly felt a painful sensation course throughout his body. "Argh!" he groaned, clutching his stomach in pain. Jim felt himself being dragged into a room just a short distance from the area that he was in. Trying his best to look around, Jim found he was in a white room and...naked?!? Jim barely had time to think about that as another surge of pain went through him. Through moans of pain, he said "What' me!?" The cowgirl soon explained: "Well, darling, I reckon that the transformation is beginning. Yep, won't be long now." Sadly, her prediction couldn't be more right. Jim's transformation began somewhere a little unexpected: in his penis. Looking down, Jim found that his penis had grown to 10 inches long (at least), and had turned a strange, almost shiny white coloration. For the most part, his penis was covered in what looked like a cloth or something; meanwhile, his testicles began to sag as they grew larger, far beyond the human norm. "What am I thinking?" thought Jim "The reason that I'm growing beyond the human norm is because I'm not really human anymore!" Taking a big gulp, Jim began to pump his member back and forth until he felt another 10 inches slide out of the cloth into an erection. "Right, now, you're probably wondering: where the hell are my clothes?" said the cowgirl from an unknown location. "Well," she continued "I threw them out so you have no problem with this next bit" she finished as Jim felt an odd pressure (followed with a release) from just above his ass. Looking back, Jim was greeted by a bull tail. "Oh, so that's why they call it 'No bull about it beer'" said Jim, as his transformation continued (still freaked out as ever). Falling to the floor, Jim felt the rest of the transformation continue. His hands and feet morphed into hooves, his arms became front legs and he was covered in white fur. His ears soon grew longer, as his face strecthed out into a muzzle. Letting out the last cry of pain he had, Jim had two horns grow from his head, as his upper body became more muscular, completing his transformation. Speaking in cow, Jim said "What the hell have you done?!" The cowgirl said "Just giving you a new life as an anthro, sweety".

  1. Meanwhile, someone else gets transformed.
  2. The cowgirl goes on with the explaining.
  3. It's all a dream.
  4. Jim isn't done yet.
  5. SE.

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