Infinite AR - Episode 1822

As she touched the top Mary-Jane felt a chill run through her body, causing her to drop the object in surprise, leading to it rolling under the bed.

Mary-Jane didn't have time to notice this though, as certain parts of her body began to stretch against her clothing. Quickly, she dashed out to the mirror in the hallway, only to see her growing tits in all their glory. Within seconds, they had grown from a D-Cup to a H-Cup, and were now straining her once loose orange nightshirt. Luckily, it seemed the growth had stopped. But then...

  1. Ass Expansion.
  2. Nothing Else.
  3. More Breast Expansion.
  4. Something Else.
  5. This is all a Random Perverted Dream of Jim's.

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11/4/2013 2:05:12 PM

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