The coworker

Infinite AR - Episode 180

Jim looked up when he heard the coworker call to the cashier. Is everything alright? I couldn't make out that last order? Jim immediated aimed the device at the two of them The college girl immediately began to grow backward. Her face grew rounder and softer, while her clothes grew baggy on her. Her pants began to crep across her shoes. A zit appeared on her upper lip. Her coworker regression in a similar manner, but she got even shorter and her breasts suddenly seemed to rise up and pull into her body. Jim stopped pressing the button and looked down at two high school freshman. Mister, could you hurry your order a little please? Mandy and I want to cut out to a big party. I am not sure if we should go Trish said Mandy. The guys are just going to flirt with you and ignore me. She looked down at her flat chest with regret and tried to fix her blouse and bra straps. For some reason they would not stay up and she had to readjust them so that they would not exposed the small mounds that remained of her breasts.

  1. The regression continues
  2. Jim adjusts their clothes
  3. Jim makes himself younger
  4. Jim begins to work on a couple that comes in
  5. SE

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11/15/2005 11:53:47 AM

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