The Youthening

Infinite AR - Episode 18

Jim slowly backed away, looking down at his body. He realized he was a good foot shorter than he had been, and was getting shorter. His clothes were getting very baggy, and he soon realized that his facial hair was all gone. His clothes vanished, leaving Jim naked. As he reached down to cover his privates, Jim noticed his "tra-la-la" was much smaller, and all his pubic hair was gone. Jim's muscles disappeared as freckled appeared on his face. "W-What's happening?" Jim managed in a soprano's voice. He must be 10 years old! And getting younger still! Jim continued to shrink, as his teeth started to vanish and layers of baby fat appeared all over his body. He soon found himself as an infant, and started to cry. Karus approached Jim, and said "Do you believe me now?" Jim...

  1. Nodded his head at Karus
  2. Tried to say yes as a baby
  3. Peed on Karus' pants
  4. Found that he could no longer control his actions
  5. Started to suck his thumb without thinking

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11/13/2005 5:40:40 PM

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