Infinite AR - Episode 17440

the girl laughed and laughed and swung the wand around wildly, "are you ready for your diaper big boy?" she said laughing historically. she laughed so hard she didn't notice as she hit herself in the head with her wand, "... uh oh..." she said as she noticed what she did. her clothes pulsed and bulged as they morphed into a more pink version of what jim's date was wearing, her diaper bulged out from her butt as she dropped the wand. jim saw as the back pressed out as the diaper was used, "me poopy..." the girl said falling to her butt and sucking her thumb. jim looked at the two dumbfound as he picked up the wand...

  1. joins them
  2. helps them
  3. cares for them
  4. turns more people into them
  5. something else.

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