the new you

Infinite AR - Episode 174

Jim walked into the store, he had expected it to be some beauty shop but instead it was empty except for desk in the middle of the room. he walked up and said " excuse me but..what is this place?" the receptionist looked up and smiled "this is the new you! please fill this out and some one will be right with you" she handed a form to Jim and he went to fill it out. 'what the hell' he thought and looked at the sheet the first question said "are you happy the way you are?" Jim answered no he was 15 and still had not hit puberty, he could not stand all the jokes people played on him because of it. question 2 "do you ever wet the bed?" yes, he had since he was 10, question 3 "have you ever worn a diaper?" he also answered yes, he had to for his bed wetting. the rest of the questions were normal and he brought the form the receptionist. she looked at it typed something on her computer and said....

  1. pleas go down thoes staris
  2. pleas go up that elscalator
  3. i dont think we can help you......

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1/18/2006 4:21:48 PM

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