Jim's Girly day

Infinite AR - Episode 17014

Jim decided to wear some of his sister's clothes. First Jim picked out a pink cotton bra, next came a red button down blouse, followed by a denim skirt, then a pair of pink lacy socks and finally a pair of white tights. "Good morning Jim," said his sister Kate as she awoke, "may I ask why you are wearing my clothes?" Jim decided to tell her the truth "Kate I've wanted to try girl's clothes for years and you were still asleep when I got in here." To this Kate replied "if you're going to wear my clothes the we need to find a way for you to fill out the bra and feel what girls feel every day."Jim then suggested placing water balloons in the cups of the bra. Kate quashed this idea by stating "that might give you the look but you wouldn't get the feel." Jim's next idea was a stroke of brilliance "what about using the surgery robot in my lab to put temporary implants in my breasts?" Kate replied "that just might work." So the siblings head down to Jim's basement Lab. Jim removes the blouse and bra he was wearing and lays down on the surgical table. Kate programs the procedure into the machine.

  1. The procedure is a success
  2. the procedure works a little too well
  3. the procedure fails
  4. the machine goes haywire killing Jim

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9/8/2013 7:40:28 PM

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