Time for dinner

Infinite AR - Episode 16896

Now that everyone was back home, Kati, now 45, decided it was time to get dinner started. Dana, still 13 and still the only one unaffected by the bizarre age changes, offered to help Kati in the kitchen.

Dinner took an hour to cook, and of course during the course of that hour, the age changes affected the "family" at the same rate as before.

Kati aged one year over the hour to 46. The changes to her were more subtle as she was aging at the slowest rate. She was still petite and in shape for her age. The newly formed freckles in her cleavage may have become slightly more prominent, and her B-cup breasts did not sag too much more -- it had been only 12 months after all, for her. However, her once light blonde hair was now an even darker blonde, and the first one or two gray stands began to appear unnoticed by all. The rest of her tanned body remained relatively unchanged, although veins in her hands were slowly starting to become more pronounced.

In the living room, the once nearly 30-year gap between Jamie and Nikki was coming to a close, as Jamie aged two years into an 83-year-old and Nikki aged three years into an 82-year-old. Both women had shoulder-length, bright white hair and were having trouble hearing. Cataracts had nearly blinded Nikki though, effectively any further aspirations she had of being a senior athlete.

Jamie still looked bigger, having been the one to gain weight during middle age, but all that was now just excess skin, as her fat and muscle cells had continued to deteriorate, leaving her a more and more of a shriveled husk. Her once proud bosom had completely deflated into shriveled, conical flaps of skin with ashen nipples on the end, no longer properly fitting the bra she had put on that morning in her mid-60s (which itself was actually made for Donna's originally 40-year-old form).

But while the cackle-voiced Jamie still had her full mental capacity, the thinner, raspy-voiced Nikki no longer did. Nearly blind and deaf, the first stages of Alzheimer's began to affect her memory, almost as if aging from a separate sperm and egg into an elderly woman in the span of 27 hours was having an adverse affect on her.

Meanwhile, Dave and Josie's regression continued, with Dave still growing two years younger per hour for each three years Josie regressed. The hour left Dave 29 years old, not much different visibly save from a slightly fresher face and the deletion of a few pounds. Josie however, was down to 21, her brown hair healthier, her face unlined, her breasts perkier and riding higher, and her personality more and move playful. She was completely in awe of the much older husband ... no, boyfriend ... she was able to snag. She looked almost like a brunette version of what Kati had looked like 24 hours ago.

Strawberry-blonde Donna, however, had the most profound changes occur, as she hit puberty like a steam roller during that hour, aging from a slight 12-year-old into a pretty 14-year-old. She gained nearly 6 inches of height and her budding breasts swelled into healthy B-cups. Her legs were longer and more gangly and her hips began to flare. The formerly oversized shirt was now a perfect fit.

Interestingly enough, Donna's personality had changed slightly this time around. She had been slightly more uptight her first time growing up. This time around, surrounded by a large extended family, she had become happier, more playful.

Dana, still 13 and still oblivious to the changes affecting her family, set the table. While 46-year-old Kati helped the elderly women to the table.

"Let's eat, gang," Kati said to the family.

  1. The age changes continue over the long dinner
  2. The changes begin to accelerate over dinner
  3. Someone new enters the story
  4. Something else

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