Jim is drugged by his parents

Infinite AR - Episode 16773

When Jim got to his childhood home he walked throught the door and saw his parents getting the place ready for his birthday. Jim hugged his parents and asked what to eat. His mother said theres chocalate milk and a calzone we cut it in half they way you like. It so Jim and his parents go into the kitchen Jim parents ask him hows hes doing and whats he been up too. Jim says school okay its alittle bit stressful then he says it makes me yern for the good ol days. Jims parents look at each other. As Jim drinks the milk he asks if there was something different his mom trying not to tip him off said nope just good ol fashion milk. He asks the sam for the calzone and his parents give the same answer. He eats and drinks everything then goes to his room but notices the doors locked. His parents tell him they are doing renovations. So Jim asks if he could lay down somewhere he tired all of a sudden. They say sure hun go in to our room. We will wake you for the party. Then

  1. Jims parents hated Jim so they killed him with rat poison which was in the milk and calzone
  2. Jim is regressed into a baby
  3. Jim is regressed into an old man
  4. Jim has woken and given a party
  5. SE

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