Sharon joins the experience

Infinite AR - Episode 1662

Jim heard a knock on the door and then watched it open. "Hey Jim, it's me Sharon. You promised to help me with my homework." "Okay, Sharon,"Jamie replied, amazed at how girlish his voice sounded. the next shot came upon getting out of his seat at his desk, to discover the floor had gotten further away. And then looking and seeing she wore a dress and mary janes topped it all. "Very funny little girl, where is Jim?" "Sharon, I am Jim...Jamie now--that darned brother of mine must have used my gun on me," and checking it he realizes he will stay an 8 year old girl for another hour and 45 minutes. "Okay, well sweetie, you just tell Jim that I know all his hiding places. If he didn't feel like helping me with my homework all he had to do was say so." She turns to leave, when Jim aims the gun and fires at her. The next thing she knows...

  1. she is the same age as Jim for two hours
  2. 40 year old woman for two hours
  3. se
  4. a 65 year old woman for two hours
  5. an elderly woman of 99 for two hours

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Ms. Monique

7/26/2006 3:38:44 PM

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