What's Going On!!!??

Infinite AR - Episode 16141

Jim noticed the quiet. It was so much more peaceful than earlier. Sweet, sweet quiet. So great to read and relax with all this quiet. But then a thought crossed his mind- Why are those two little girls suddenly so quiet. He decided he had better check on them.

He looked outside and instead of seeing two little girls he saw a young woman in tattered rags holding an infant against her breast!

"Mom!? Suzy!? What's going on!!!?? Get in here!!!" he ordered

The young woman, Suzy, did as she was told. Jim got a robe for her to wear and took the device from her. "What have you two done?" he asked in a panic.

"We were just playin'" the obviously still mentally a child Suzy answered "Kat told me her secret and we used it so I'd believe she wasn't fibbin'!"

"Well, we have to reverse this... and NOW!" he said as he took his infant mother and laid her among some pillows on the couch while covering her with a large towel. "You first" he said as he aimed the device at Suzy. 24... 23... 22.... Younger she went. Into her teens... then tweens... into childhood... and finally back to her normal self.

She didn't look happy about this turn of events but Jim didn't care. She had rather liked her adult self. He next aimed the device at his mother and began re-aging her. 1... 2... 3... So far to go. It seemed like it took forever to move her through childhood. 7... 8... 9... 10....

Her mind was still fully regressed and her thumb remained planted in her mouth as the process continued. Jim worried about lasting after affects of such extreme regression. He'd never planned such a thing.

Kat aged into her teens and the towel that covered her kept ballooning larger as the body under it grew. The pillows around her fell to the floor as her body took up ever more room on the couch. 12... 13...14... Her toes began to appear as they poked out from under the towel that could no longer cover her entire growing body.

Her feet soon appeared entirely as did a hand. Then more of her legs and arms as she continued to grow throughout her teens. 17... 18... 19...

Jim had no intention of aging her back only to her teens. That had already caused too much trouble. 20... 21... 22... 23... 24... 25...

He decided 25 was a good age, leaving her youthful but quite adult, and then he could restore her mental age. He only hoped there would be no side effects.

'Click'. Now the mental age button was pressed and her body language began slowly to change. There appeared to be a change in her eyes as well. They didn't seem to have the same blankness behind them as just a few moments before.

Suzy watched in fascination as Kat again turned into a slightly younger version of the woman that used to babysit her. From a few minutes prior when she was playing with Suzy's breast as an infant, to now as she was a young woman again (though not as old as when she had babysat for Suzy), the transformation was huge.

Jim wanted to restore her full maturity. He didn't want to leave anything to chance. Especially after she'd been so thoroughly regressed only a few moments ago.

Once the process was complete Jim watched for some type of sign that everything was OK.

"Mom? Mom? Are you OK?"

Kat looked quizzically around the room. It was as if she couldn't quite get her bearings. Several foreign thoughts raced through her cloudy head. She barely knew who she was or where she was. She saw little Suzy sitting in her oversized robe. She stared curiously before speaking slowly.

"Mommy? Mommy? You're little!???"

Kat swung around in the couch to a seated position and put her arms out for Suzy. "I'm scared mommy! What's going on?"

  1. Kat was stuck
  2. Jim explained to Kat what had happened
  3. Kat slowly regained some memories
  4. Jim was forced to regress Kat to infancy again

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