Kat's Secret

Infinite AR - Episode 16090

Suzy was still a little confused why her playmate had been so mean to the woman from across the street.

For her part, Kat looked like the 'cat' that had swallowed the canary. Finally, she looked around to make sure nobody was looking and then started whispering to Suzy.

"Can you keep a secret?"

"Uh huh... I guess"

"Do ya promise??"

"Yeah... Cross my heart!"

"OK... I'm really a grownup!"

Suzy started laughing "You're silly!"

"Nuh uh! I'm really a big girl!!!" Kat protested.

"That's funny!" Suzy told her.

"I mean it!!"

"How could you be a grownup? You're just a kid like me"

"It's a secret but I'll tell you cuz your my new best friend. Now promise you won't tell!"

"I promise!"

"I'm really Jimmy's mommy. I just wanted to be a little girl again"

"Mommy's can't be little girls!"

"They can now! Jimmy's got an 'vention... He's a 'ventor!"

Suzy didn't say anything for a bit. This was taking a little time to believe. "You're foolin' me!"

"Nope. I used to babysit you and we had fun too!"

"Is this why you have the same name as Jimmy's mommy?"

"Yeah... cuz I am Jimmy's mommy!"

"You sure don't act like a grownup!"

"Cuz Jimmy's 'vention made me into a kid like it's 'sposed to!"

"I don't believe you!"

"I'll prove it! Let's slip in and I'll show you the 'vention!"

"OK" Suzy answered and the two slipped into Katrina's house.

Jim was blissfully unaware of any of this. Being a computer nerd, and thinking the two girls were playing happily outside, he was deep into some internet research. The invention was left unattended in the living room. Kat couldn't believe her luck. She grabbed the device and tip-toed quietly back outside with Suzy right behind her.

"This is it!"

"That just looks like a TV thingie!"

"Nope... It's Jimmy's 'vention I told ya!"

"So how's it work?"

"Ummm One button makes you bigger or littler and the other makes it so you like playin' and stuff"

"Let me see" Suzy said.

"OK, But be careful!"

Suzy took the device and stared at it. She aimed the device at Kat.

"Hey! What are you doin'!?"

"I wanna see if this works!"

"I told you it does!"

"I think you're fibbin'!"

"I am not! Go ahead and you'll see!"

So Suzy pressed the 'Mental button' on the down side. At first she didn't see any difference but then Kat's expression changed and she put her thumb in her mouth.

"Pwetty!" Kat said as she pointed to a butterfly that had her attention. She tried to run toward it but for some reason her legs didn't want to work exactly right

Suzy hit the button again and Kat quit running entirely and slowly squatted down into the grass, finally landing on her rump. Suzy hit the other button and Kat started to get bigger.

"Oops... Wrong way" Suzy said.

She moved her finger on the rocker switch and pressed again. This time Kat began to shrink. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1. Suzy gave both buttons a couple more clicks for good measure. Kat was now reduced to a cooing infant, buried in a heap of cloth.

Next, Suzy aimed the device at herself and pressed the button to make her get bigger. Her body immediately began growing. The last of her baby fat disappeared and she moved through childhood to double digits. 10...11...12....She got very coltish with long skinny limbs. Into her teens she went. As she aged her body began taking a womanly form. She continued holding the button down even though her clothing was in tatters from the stretching and tearing. 17... 18... 19... 20... Her adult form was taking shape into a that of a young woman... 21... 22... 23.... 24.... 25...

And that is where she stopped. She looked down at her exposed breasts and lifted them in her hands. She pressed on them and laughed. The ground looked so far away from her and she felt tall. Although only about 5'5" it seemed very tall to her right now. This growth spurt had gave a new meaning to 'sudden growth spurt'. Her hair was long and thick... Her arms and legs toned and fit. Her stomach only had the beginning of a small pooch. As she was examining herself she heard the cooing of an infant and remembered baby Kat.

"Oops... I'm sorry" she said as she dug the baby out of a pile of cloth. She wrapped Kat's kid-sized T-shirt around the baby and held the baby close to her chest. She couldn't believe how light the baby felt or how big her own hands seemed to her. Kat's tiny hands instantly went to the larger woman's breasts. In no time, her infant instincts took over and she was sucking on Suzy's nipple.

Suzy giggled "Do you really think you're a baby now? Ahhhh... I'm like your mommy now, huh?"

Baby Kat looked up into the adult's Suzy's eyes and she just melted. Baby Kat felt safe and Suzy wanted to keep her that way. Just as baby Kat's infant instincts had taken over, so had Suzy's motherly instincts.

Inside the house Jim was glad that the girls are playing so quietly. Much nicer than all the noise teenaged Katrina was always causing. He could attend to his research much easier in this peace and quiet without all of Katrina's teenaged drama!

  1. Suzy decides her parents should revisit childhood
  2. Suzy Changes the two back before anyone notices
  3. What's going on?
  4. Jim's research shows him a flaw in his invention

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