Jim Gets A Phone Call

Infinite AR - Episode 16089

Jim watched the girls playing and saw that they were hitting it off well. So far so good he thought. He was comfortable things were working out much better with Katrina as a 6 year old instead of a 17 year old. He could control the 6 year old but as a 17 year old his mother had been almost impossible.

Jim heard the phone ring. He took one last look at the girls playing and decided things were under control so he went inside to take the call. It was his sister Kate calling. Katie was the homesick type and liked calling home often and her conversations could be long. She always wanted to share what was new in her life as well as catch up on the latest happenings at home. Jim figured this wasn't the time to tell her about his invention or exactly the latest happenings.

Their conversation went on some while. Jim told her their mother wasn't home but Katie hoped if they talked long enough maybe she'd get home before the call ended.

"Is there anything new with mom?" Katie asked.

What a choice of words Jim thought. "Oh, I uh imagine there is..."

Meanwhile, as Suzy and Kat continued frolicking in Suzy's yard a woman joined them from the sidewalk.

"Hello girls" the woman said "I don't think I've seen you around here before"

Kat looked up and saw the woman was speaking to her. It was Stephen's wife and wow, did she ever look big now Kat thought! Even though she was big Kat wasn't going to let her intimidate her though. She just didn't like her... at all. Kat thought she was mean no matter how nice she was trying to act right now.

"I'm Jimmy's cousin" Kat answered without offering more.

"Jimmy? Is that the boy that lives next door here?" she said motioning to the house.

"Uh huh" Kat told her.

"My name is Karin" the woman told her as she noticed a familiarity in Kat's eyes and thought back to the girl she'd argued with earlier that morning. This must be her little sister. The more she looked the more she thought their resemblance was uncanny now that she actually made the connection. "What's your name?"

Kat thought she probably shouldn't tell her her real name. Plus she felt like it wasn't any of her business anyway as she remembered bits and pieces of the morning's shout down. Thinking of that shout down, Kat thought of an answer. "My name's Cindy" she said "It's short for Cinderella"

Karin looked down at the girl's bare feet and said "Well Cinderella, it looks like you've lost your slippers". As soon as the words left her mouth Karin had a bit of a deja vu feeling.

Without skipping a beat Kat deadpanned "Maybe you got 'em!"

"I don't think so" Karin answered, wondering what the child's response meant. Maybe the girl had heard the morning's argument? Odd Karin thought.

"I better let you two get back to your playing. Maybe one of these days I can have a little girl as pretty as you two and she can join you out here having fun. You guys be good. Bye now" And with that Karin left them to play some more.

"How's come you were so mean to her?" Suzy asked.

"I don't like her!" Kat answered.

"How come you told her your name was Cinderella?" she asked.

"I dunno" Kat said with a shrug as she hid a smile and looked away.

Jim finally got Katie off the phone and checked on the girls. Nothing had changed in all the time he'd been on the phone. They've been playing like this all afternoon he thought to himself and will probably go until dinner time. He decided to get some computer work done.

  1. Kat has a secret
  2. Jim refines his invention
  3. Karin is up to something
  4. Stephen calls

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