Infinite AR - Episode 16083

"C'mon kiddo, let's find you something to wear" Jim said as he took the hand of little Kat.

"It's a good thing mom... errr you... kept so much of Kate's stuff from when she was little" Jim explained as he opened the door leading to the attic.

Kate was Jim's sister who no longer lived at home. Jim didn't know why his mother had kept so much old stuff but now he was glad she did. It was going to come in handy.

Little Kat dutifully tagged along.

"Hopefully we'll find something you like".

He opened a few boxes until he found one that had stuff of about the right size.

"This stuff should fit you" he said as pulled some things from the box and held them up for Kat to see.

More times than not she crinkled her nose and shook her head 'no' but eventually she had enough outfits to last a few days that she found acceptable. Jim wondered how many of those same outfits she'd just now turned down were things her adult self had picked out for Katie?

Jim looked around some more and found some hair clips and things but no shoes.

"I guess we kids wore our shoes out before we could outgrow them" he finally said "but it's OK... It's summer and you're 6 years old so you don't need shoes. Just go ahead and take this stuff downstairs and get dressed"

Kat grabbed her stuff and did as she was told. She was ready to go outside and play. She already had a playmate in mind. 6 year old Suzy lived next door and the adult Katrina would sometimes even babysit her. Kat thought she'd be the perfect playmate.

Kat hurriedly got dressed and ran to get Jim's seal of approval.

"Can I go play now??? Huh? Can I? Can I? Please???"

"Are you going to stay right here in the yard?"

"Can I go to Suzy's?" she said barely containing a lisp.

"Who's Suzy?" Jim asked wondering how Kat had already made a friend.

"Next door! Suzy's my friend! We used to play together... kinda..."

"Oh Suzy! The girl you babysit for sometimes?"

"Yeah, that's what I meant. We'd play and stuff so we're already friends!"

"Well, she's not going to know you now like this and so you're going to have to make friends with her all over again. But you can tell her you're my cousin and you're going to be here for a few days and I bet she'll be your friend now too. OK?"

"OK, Jimmy!" little Kat said excitedly "Can I go play now?"

"I guess so... I'll keep an eye on you guys just to make sure everything goes good" Jim said "C'mon squirt!"

Kat took Jim's hand and skipped along beside him as he led her outside.

They saw Suzy playing by herself outside. Little Kat let go of Jim's hand and ran towards her "Suuuuuuzy!" she yelled.

Jim just smiled and thought 'this is odd'...

  1. Kat and Suzy make fast friends
  2. Suzy feels threatened by Kat
  3. Jim gets a phone call

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