Jim's Device Gets Used Again

Infinite AR - Episode 16082

Katrina sat inside of her house and wondered how she could've been so gullible. Why did she allow herself to fall in love so quickly? How could she have not known Stephen was married? Why did she move so fast? Why did she want everything so quickly?

She sorted through some answers in her head. When she was older she hadn't paid much attention to the goings on of a 20 something year old neighbor. Sure, she could remember a time or two seeing him and thinking what she'd do if she was 10 years younger but she never thought that type of opportunity could happen. Let alone being more than 10 years younger! But here she was, a teenager again, and whatever she thought of Stephen when she was 43 years old just were overwhelming as a teen. Instead of keeping those thoughts in check, she'd let them run wild. But then Stephen wouldn't have thought of the 43 year old Katrina like he did the younger version. Especially the younger version that simply threw herself at him.

"How could I be so dumb!!" she sobbed, speaking to herself.

"That's what I want to know!" Jim answered as he entered the room.

"Go away!" she told him "This is none of your business!"

"It is my business because it's my fault. I heard what happened. This is all what I warned you about. At least you've learned a lesson" Jim explained.

"A lesson?? As if!! I don't need you gloating like you know what I'm going through. You don't!"

"I'm not gloating. Surely, you're ready for me to restore you aren't you?"

Katrina looked up and saw Jim had his invention with him. "Restore me? You mean make me fat and old? Yeah... great idea... Fat and old with a broken heart. It'll be easy getting over a broken heart if I'm fat and old. I'll have my pick of guys! You're so stupid!"

Katrina continued sobbing.

"I just thought..."

"Well, quit thinking because it isn't helping!" Katrina shot back. "You know what would help?"


"If you'd take me back further" she answered.

"I can't keep making you a virgin again, you'll just get more naive each time and younger too. Look what that has already caused!"

"No, you don't get it! Further back... I wanna be a kid again for a while. I want to get rid of these teenage emotions and just be carefree. I want some joy back in my heart! Don't you understand that? This pain is killing me right now"

"I don't know..."

"What could go wrong?"

"I need to think about it. How far back?"

"Back to when boys had cooties and days lasted forever"

The idea was sounding better and better to Katrina.

"If I do it, will you promise to... uhhhhh mind me?"

"Yes! I promise. I'll be a good girl. A good little girl!"

Jim was coming around to the idea. If he made her younger, and it helped with the heartbreak, then surely ultimately the embarrassment of losing her adult control would lead to her wanting to return to adulthood. And he figured he could slowly ratchet up the discipline after a couple of days to speed the process along.

"So you promise to mind me?" he asked.

"Yes! Yes!" she answered "I promise! Do it! Please!!! Please!!! Pretty please!!!!"

"Ok... I'm gonna do it" he answered and aimed the device at her "but you will have to mind me!"

'Click'... back she went... 17, 16, 15... He clothing loosened. Her shorts threatened to slide off but her shrinking body was now covered even better by the growing T-shirt. Her features rapidly became more childlike. Now 14... into her tween years... skinnier... shorter... younger... 13.... 12... 11.... 10....

"There. How's that?" Jim asked stopping with her a 10 year old.

Although Jim hadn't used the mental regression feature of his invention, the physical regression past puberty still had some mental effects.

Katrina looked at how big the room had gotten. She pushed on the front of her large T-shirt and it deflated like a popped balloon when she did. She looked at her smaller hands in amazement and then stared down at her feet that were now too small for her sandals. But it wasn't enough.


"More?" Jim asked.

"Uh huh... "

"OK" he answered.

'Click' 9... 8... 7.... Back into childhood she went. The room was looking much bigger to her. He shorts slid down but now her T-shirt was like a dress anyway. She wasn't wearing her shoes as much as just standing on them now. ...6...

Jim stopped before the clock took her below 6 years old.

"The other button too!" she said indicating she wanted the mental regression as well as the physical "I still 'member stuff I wanna forget!..."

Jim did as he was told. 'Click'

Katrina felt her head get really fuzzy. It was a very comfortable feeling. Problems seemed to drift away. Thoughts of Stephen morphed into less intense thoughts. Much simpler thoughts. The heartbreak was a distant memory.

Jim saw the smile on her face and figured that was enough mental regression.

"I feel good now!" she exclaimed "can I go outside and play?"

"You're not still mad about Stephen... and his wife?"

"Nuh huh... they're meanies!! I just wanna play"

"Do you know how old you are now?"

"Ummmmm uhhhh... I can't 'member!"

"I think you're about 6 years old. Can you spell your name?"

"Uh huh... K.... A.... uhhhhh T. Kat! But not like a kitty cat cuz that's 'sposed to be spelled diff'rent. My whole name is Katrina but teacher says I don't have to spell all that yet"

"Ok... I see... Well, if anyone asks how old you are I think it's safe to tell them you are 6 years old and that you are my little cousin"

"Can't I tell 'em I'm the mommy? I don't wanna get in trouble for fibbin!"

"No, no, it'll be our little game. You won't get in trouble for fibbing"

"OK! It'll be fun!" the little girl replied.

  1. Kat gets dressed for playtime
  2. Jim gets a call
  3. Someone comes over
  4. Stephen comes looking for Katrina

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