Katrina Learns Some New Information

Infinite AR - Episode 16077

Katrina stayed in her room crying. Jim tried to get her to tell him what was wrong but she refused. It was either 'nothing', 'you wouldn't understand', or 'go away' each time he asked. He decided just to give her some space and let her sort out her teenage emotions by herself. Maybe it would help her see the light and she'd ask him to return her normal he figured.

Katrina finally managed to cry herself to sleep. When she awoke early the next morning the first thing she did was check to see if the woman's car was still in Stephen's driveway. It was! She just couldn't understand why Stephen hadn't sent this woman away. Why let her stay the night? He had to know it was bothering her!

She thought about getting ready for another morning run but she was just too depressed and confused. Instead, she slowly cleaned herself up, put on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, and went to sit on the porch to hopefully see Stephen taking his morning run. Maybe he'd invite her along or even take time out to explain to her what was happening. Instead, he exited his house at a fast pace and didn't even hardly look Katrina's direction. She waved and shouted out to him but he pretended not to hear. She wanted to believe he couldn't hear over the music he was listening to but she was almost certain he had glimpsed her waving.

A couple of moments later, the other woman exited Stephen's house carrying a plastic bag and walked directly across the street to where Katrina was sitting.

Katrina stood up and before she could say a word the other woman began yelling "I don't know who the hell you think are but we need to get some things straight! I see you looking at my husband and I know exactly what you're up to. I don't care if you're some naive little schoolgirl with a puppy love crush or some teenage trailer trash looking for a fling, my husband is off-limits to you!"

"H... H... Husband?" Katrina managed to stammer fighting back tears.

"You heard me, you little slut! Look at you... you're just a little girl, too stupid to even know what a relationship is really all about. I'm not about to give up Steve to the likes of you! So from now on, you leave him alone. You don't come to MY house anymore!"

"Your house?"

"You think Steve could afford a house with his money? HA! Yes, MY HOUSE! Look, he might've screwed you already, I don't know. But it didn't mean anything. He just screwed you. That's all. He makes love to me! Do you understand the difference you teenaged piece of trash?

Katrina's eyes looked away and watered up even more. Her lower lip quivered.

"You let him screw you didn't you? That bastard! You probably deserve each other but there's more to life than Steve getting his rocks off on some trash like you. You're not going to be a little homewrecker no matter how many fantasies you have floating around in that stupid head of yours. This is real life, sweetie, and you're just gonna have to get over it. You see my husband again and I'll claw your eyes out. You even come near my house again and I'll pull every hair out of that pretty little not so innocent head of your's! You understand???"

"I... I.... I never was at your house...." Katrina lied between sobs.

The other woman looked down at Katrina's bare feet, reached into her bag and tossed a pair of girl's flip flops on the ground beside them. "You forgot your slippers, Cinderella!!" the woman sneered "and they look just your size!"

Katrina immediately remembered she'd left them by Stephen's pool.

"Go ahead, put them on! Let's see how they fit, Cinderella!" the woman ordered.

Katrina just shook her head slowly from side to side, not wanting to make eye contact.

"I. Said. Put. Them. On!" She paused between each word for emphasis.

Feeling like a little girl being scolded by her mother, Katrina did as she was told.

"HA! Like I said, just your size. This fairly tale is coming to an end except there's no Prince Charming at the end of this one for you!"

And the sandals were just her size because they were her's! She was 'had' and they both knew it. She sobbed even harder. There was no use denying it. She'd been too obvious and this was just the icing on the cake.

"The next time you decide to have an affair you might want to make sure and not leave any evidence behind!" the woman said smugly knowing she'd made her point.

Katrina looked away and saw children playing up and down the street. They were all happy and carefree and here she was, totally heartbroken and caught red-handed in an affair with a married man. A man she didn't even know was married... but an affair none-the-less.

Katrina wanted to say she was sorry but she was too torn up to even understand her emotions right then and couldn't speak. How could Stephen be married to this bitch? How could he lead her on like he did knowing he was married, even if he was married to a bitch? And what would she do if she was in this woman's place? It was all too much for Katrina to handle. Fortunately, the woman, knowing she'd made her point, turned to leave not waiting for Katrina to say anything. She didn't have to, her tears said it all.

"Get yourself a boyfriend your own age... or a girlfriend if you want... I don't care..." the other woman said as she left Katrina sobbing on the porch "Just leave people's husbands alone!".

Back in the house, Jim stood by his window and pondered what he'd just heard outside.

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