An Afternoon With Stephen and Katrina

Infinite AR - Episode 16074

Katrina listened to Stephen as he talked about himself and his music. She also nervously drank her wine cooler a little faster as she listened. Not that she was noticing but her regression had stripped her of any type of experience with alcohol along with everything else. Not only was she experiencing the feelings of falling in love for the first time... again... she was also experiencing the effects of alcohol for the first time... again! Jim's device had worked very well indeed. She finished the wine cooler and already was more giggly than ever. Her inhibitions were lessening. Her spirits, already high, were reaching heights she couldn't remember. Everything was new again. Her teenage emotions were well into overdrive!

Stephen excused himself to get them each another drink. This time he returned with something in a cup for Katrina while still drinking beer himself.

"What's this?" she asked.

"Just something girls like... or so I've heard" he said with a wink "not that I would know"

"It's pretty good" she said after taking a sip of the mixed drink "but why aren't YOU drinking some too?"

"I like beer" he replied "and that's a girly drink"

"Well, maybe I like beer too!" she teased and grabbed his bottle and took a drink. She then made a face as she swallowed the bitter beer, seeming even more bitter chasing her sweet mixed drink. "Ewwwwww... How do you drink THAT??!"

Stephen laughed "Guys drink beer, girls might as well drink candy!"

"I'll just like stick with my candy then!" Katrina said with a laugh as she took another large gulp of her drink and tried to clear the taste of beer from her mouth.

An old song from the 80's came on the radio and an ever dizzier Katrina stood up and started swaying to the music.

"You like the old stuff, huh?" Stephen asked.

Katrina started giggling "Some old stuff can be just like new again!" she answered between giggles, barely catching herself from tripping over her own feet. She kicked off her sandals and continued dancing. Stephen didn't exactly understand why Katrina found that line so funny, or even what it meant exactly, but a rejuvenated Katrina knew exactly what it meant.

Whatever was in the mixed drink was going to Katrina's head much faster than the wine cooler... and she liked it! Stephen liked the sight of the bikini clad girl swaying in front of him just as much though.

Katrina continued dancing to the music for a few more songs and Stephen took her empty cup for a refill. While he was away her mind began to race- Was she acting too silly? Was Stephen losing interest? Was he having as much fun as her? She didn't want him thinking she was ditzy!

"Here you go" he said handing her a refilled beverage.

She gladly took the drink and took a couple of quick sips. She saw Stephen sit down and smile. "Come here" he said.

Curious, she made her way to sit down beside him to see what he wanted.

"I found this joint left over from last night's band practice. Wanna hit?"

It took Katrina no time to say "Sure!". She didn't need to think about. If Stephen wanted her to take a hit then she would.

As soon as she inhaled she broke into a coughing spiel. Stephen put his arm around her "Never done this before?"

Katrina's first thought was he was asking her about sex but then she realized she was just being anxious. He was asking her about smoking pot. "Nope, but I wanna try"

Stephen imparted some words of wisdom and Katrina slowly got more comfortable sharing the joint with him. Meanwhile, Stephen kept his arm around her the entire time. As the joint was finished, she rested her ever higher and ever dizzier head on his shoulder.

"This is soooooo cool" she said slowly as she felt so mellow now as compared to only a few minutes ago. The music playing now didn't so much inspire her to dance as it provided a soundtrack to her thoughts and feelings. She playfully tapped Stephen's hand "I think I'm stoned...." she said with a large smile and hugged Stephen, keeping her arm around him.

He gave her a kiss on the forehead and said "I thought you'd like it... You know what else you might like...?"

Katrina turned to look up at him and they both stared at each other's mouths before slowly engaging in a passionate kiss.

Katrina wasn't sure how to explain what she felt at the moment. It was the most wonderful feeling she could imagine. As they slowly broke away from the kiss Katrina could only look into Stephen's eyes and smile softly.

"I'm sorry" he said "I hope I wasn't too forward!"

He's a gentleman Katrina thought as she whispered "Nothing to be sorry for" and finished the sentence by initiating a kiss of her own.

Soon the two were making out. In moments Stephen was removing the top of her swimsuit... and then finally the bottom.

"Wait" Katrina said "You never said you liked me"

Stephen concealed a small laugh. That sounded like something he'd heard in high school. He answered just as he would've then "Of course I like you... Don't you like me?"

"Yes but..." she answered nervously

"But what? If you don't like me we can stop" he replied.

Oh no! She didn't want that! Katrina smiled again and said "Of course I like you" and followed it with a kiss and some awkwardly wandering hands.

The two made love and Stephen understood Katrina's awkwardness when he discovered she was still a virgin.

They spent the afternoon together but as 5 O'clock approached Stephen unexpectedly began to indicate to Katrina it was time she went home. She was confused and just wanted to stay and wrap her arms around him the rest of the day but he was growing more insistent.

"Ok" she said "I guess you got your reasons"

Katrina figured it must have to do with his band or something. Maybe they'd think she was Yoko or something. She put her swimsuit back on, brushed her hair with her hands, kissed Stephen once more, and went back home not thinking to grab her flip flops by the pool.

Still feeling a little light-headed, but also in love and so very excited, she stood weak-kneed in her yard and stared at Stephen's house just wanting to get one more glimpse of him before she went inside. She wanted a wave... a blown kiss...

But before she saw Stephen, a car pulled up into his driveway. A girl... a woman... stepped out of the car. She was obviously older than Katrina. She looked like she was mid to late 20's, although her hair was up and she was dressed like a businesswoman of sorts with a conservative blouse, skirt, and heels. That made it hard to tell exactly her age. From a distance anyway.

The woman had noticed Katrina staring at the house when she pulled up and looked across the street at the teen without actually acknowledging her.

Stephen then stepped out of the house and took a nervous, quick look Katrina's way. When he looked back to the other woman, she was looking at him now. He hoped she hadn't seen him steal that glance across the street!

Stephen met the woman, gave her a kiss, and put his arm around her as he led her to the house. Katrina couldn't hear exactly what was said but she thought she heard the woman ask Stephen "Who's the new little slut in the neighborhood?"

Katrina wanted to yell back at her just to tell her she wasn't a slut but she thought better of it. She just hoped Stephen told this woman about her and sent her packing. In fact she kept waiting to see the woman turn around any minute. But it didn't happen. A tear began to streak down her face. Why wasn't Stephen kicking this woman out? What was taking so long?

Katrina kept waiting. She saw the woman, her hair down now, make an appearance at the window. The woman looked through the window and right into Katrina's eyes. Then she grabbed Stephen and pulled him by the window as well. And then she kissed him.

The woman took one more look out the window at Katrina, smiled wickedly, and then pulled the curtains closed.

Katrina ran inside crying.

  1. Stephen Sends the Other Woman Away
  2. Katrina Worries All Night
  3. Jim Checks on Katrina's Well Being After Hearing Her Sobbing

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