Katrina Gets The Party Started

Infinite AR - Episode 16070

After some more sunbathing Katrina heard Stephen's voice next to her.

"You interested in checking out my pool?" He asked.

"Sure!" she answered not taking any time to think about it. She started to hop up immediately, this time almost forgetting for real her top was untied.

"Cool... I haven't really had time to even swim in it this season" Stephen explained "This will be like the christening for the summer"

Katrina was on cloud nine!!

Stephen looked around and then lowered his voice "I got quite a bit of booze in the fridge if you're interested in a little private party."

"Why are you like whispering?" Katrina wondered.

"Well, you're 18 and I didn't know if your aunt was cool with you drinking."

"Well, I'm almost 19" she lied with a large grin "and I don't care what my aunt thinks!"

"Yeah, well I don't want any trouble with her or anything. She seems like a cool old lady..."

"Yeah, she's probably cooler than ya think! And not as old either!" she interjected laughing at her own inside joke.

"Yeah, still... I don't want any trouble for either of us. I've got a big privacy fence in the back so if you want to sneak on over there she'll never know where you are or what we're doing. You know, I might have some uhhh other stuff besides booze if you're into that kind of thing".

Once again Katrina caught her 17 year old self answering something her 43 year old self would've sworn she would've answered differently "Yeah... sure... that's cool!"

Katrina slipped on her sandals and told Stephen they should sneak away before her 'cousin' Jimmy saw them and wanted to tag along. "He'd probably tell his mom and we wouldn't want that!"

"Unless she wants to join us!" Stephen joked making a toking motion with his right hand.

"You never know!" Katrina answered again laughing at her own inside joke.

Katrina was excited and nervous all at once but she'd worked too hard for this moment to let her nervousness get in the way. In a few moments they were on Stephen's back deck and Katrina was enjoying a wine cooler. Stephen turned some music on and sat down beside her opening his beer.

"Great day" he said.

"Perfect" Katrina answered back.

  1. Jim Finds Them
  2. Party On!
  3. Katrina's Youthening Begins to Wear Off

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