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Infinite AR - Episode 16017

After finishing eating, the ever-changing family decided to head inside, with the exception of Dana, the only one still unaffected by the strange happenings. She decided to go out for a few hours with some friends.

Kati, Nikki, and Jamie headed into the living room to watch a movie, as rain began to fall outside. Dave and Josie, meanwhile, their sex drive ever increasing via their regression, excused themselves upstairs, where they shortly began to fool around in a bedroom. Little 6-year-old Donna, munching on a cookie, happily joined the women she perceived as her mommy, great-aunt and great-grandmother, in the TV room.

The hours passed, and in doing so, years passed in the household as well -- forward for Kati, Nikki, Jamie and Donna, and backward for Dave and Josie. For every one year Kati aged, Jamie and Donna were still aging two and Nikki three, while Dave regressed two and Josie three.

As Kati progressed through her 40s, her body type stayed petite. Her blonde hair didn't begin to turn gray yet, but it did shift to a darker, duller shade of blonde, indicating that change was soon to follow. Lines started to deepen near her mouth and eyes, and the bags forming under her eyes began to slightly droop. Her skin began to lose its elasticity, noticeably in her harms, legs, and breasts. Freckles, the result of sun damage, began to appear more prominent in her cleavage area. Her voice had begun to shift a half-octave lower.

For Jamie, the march through her 70s into her 80s was having drastic effects on her body. Her once long, raven-colored hair was now higher than shoulder-length, and bright white. Jowls hung down inches from her face and lines were deeply embedded in her cheeks and forehead. Her voice became more and more of a cackle. As the fat and muscle cells of her body weakened further and depleted, her whole body became more and more like a bag of bones. She seemed to sink into her chair as the skin on her arms began to hang more, wrinkle and dimple. Her once C-cup breasts were now deflated and lay strewn to the sides of the now shrinking gut she had developed in her 40s. Her eyesight and hearing were getting weaker by the minute.

Nikki barreled through her 70s like a freight train. Having been in much better shape than Jamie, her body did not look as comically deflated, but she was still wrinkled all over. Her muscle tone gone, she was noticeably thinner and weaker. She too had a lined and jowly face as well, and her hair was more gray than white, but more white patches were beginning to appear. Her voice became much deeper and raspier. Her once pert breasts were also deflating, but Nikki's were becoming much more "pointy" as opposed to Jamie's "pancakey" boobs. Worse, Nikki was now nearly completely blind.

Little Donna was enjoying her time with the grownups. Wearing only the oversized T-shirt from before, she didn't even pay attention as she lost her baby fat as her limbs grew longer and longer, even starting to outpace her torso at one point. Her strawberry hair cascaded down her back over the course of the next few hours, until at one point she absent mindedly put it in a ponytail. Her face grew thinner, and her voice went from squeaky to clear. Eventually, two tiny puffs began to become evident under her shirt, but just barely.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Dave and Josie engaged in a very long lovemaking session. Their regression kept extending the length of it, as they became more and more energetic. Both in their 30s as it began, that was soon no longer the case for Josie, and Dave was not far behind.

The two eventually finished, redressed in their now looser fitting clothes, and came back downstairs to join the rest of their family.

Dana came home after being out for about three hours. Had she been able to detect all of the changes that had occurred in her absence, she might have been surprised at what she found: Kati, age 45; Jamie, 81; Nikki, 79; Donna, age 12; Dave, 31; and Josie, now 24.

  1. The age changes continue as dinner is prepared
  2. Lightning strikes the house, causing some interesting side effects
  3. Someone new enters the story
  4. The age-change rates accelerate
  5. SE

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