A day at the pool

Infinite AR - Episode 16012

The rapidly changing family decided to head out back and spend the day swimming. Dave and Josie had fortunately thought of this ahead of time and had brought bathing suits. However suits for everyone other than Dana was a problem, since this had been Donna's house yesterday, and Donna was only 2 years old now -- even though no one remembered that. Eventually, Kati found swimsuits for herself, Nikki, Jamie and the baby,and the family headed into the backyard.

Gramma Jamie plopped herself down in a recliner chair to relax, as her joints were already bothering her. In the pool, a mini volleyball game started up, with Aunt Nikki and Josie playing against Dave and Kati. Dana meanwhile, still the only one unaffected by the age changes, played in the shallow end with the rapidly growing baby Donna.

The game started out pretty evenly, since Kati, Dave and Josie were all about the same age. Even though Nikki was in her mid-'60s, she was still in fantastic shape and was able to keep up. Of course, no one had any concept of the fact that 24 hours ago, Nikki hadn't even been a fetus yet.

As the game entered it's second round, more and more points started going to Kati and Dave. Kati had aged a year to 41 and Dave had regressed 2 years to 39. On the other side of the net, Josie had regressed 3 years to 36, but Nikki had aged 3 years to 67, and it was starting to show. Her hair now completely gray, her joints started to feel stiffer and her eyesight began to worsen. However, Nikki didn't let on, as she had prided herself on her athleticism her entire life.

On the reclining chair in the sun, Gramma Jamie had aged 2 years into a 73 year old. There was a less and less gray in her white mane, and her once pround breasts had flattened out like two droopy, wrinkly balloons. Her legs and arms had thinned out, but she still had the increased gut she had gained in middle age, although even that was becoming saggy. Still, the increasingly wrinkled crone was happy to see her family having fun in the pool, even if she couldn't make out what they were saying.

By the pool's stairs, Dana played with Donna, who had aged two years into a 4-year-old and had already relearned how to walk and talk. She loved her big sister Dana, and was excited to learn how to swim, even though she had already outgrown her bathing suit.

Soon it was time to lunch, as Dave threw some hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill for the women in his life.

Soon they sat down at the backyard picnic table: 13-year-old Dana, still unaware of anything amiss; 42-year-old Kati, still blonde, petite, and beautiful; 70-year-old Nikki, arthritis really starting to bother her; 75-year-old Gramma Jamie, wondering why she hadn't worn a hearing aid that day; 6-year-old Donna, happily and hungrily munching away on a hot dog; and Dave and Josie, now 37 and 33 receptively, and flirting with each other across the table.

"I don't know what's with me today," Dave said. "I feel so full of energy today."

"Me too, sweetie," Josie said. "I feel like swimming a bunch of laps in the pool."

Suddenly, Gramma Jamie got a strange look in her eyes.

"Gramma, are you OK?" Kati asked.

"I'm fine dear," Jamie replied. "It's just ... who do we know named 'Sharon'?"

"That's the babysitter," Kati said. "Do you remember her? Reddish hair? about 5-foot-8? Cute girl."

"Yes ... of course, that must be who it is," said the elderly woman who had been young Jim just a little over a day ago. "Who else could it be? It's just ..."

"Just what, Gramma?" Kati asked.

"I feel like I recall once being very close to a girl named Sharon. Wish I could remember when."

  1. More fun in the pool
  2. The family dries off, more fun inside.
  3. Dana invites a friend over
  4. Something else

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