The return of Jim and Kati's parents

Infinite AR - Episode 16009

The phone rang and Gramma Jamie answered it. It turned out to be Josie and David. Just 24 hours before, they had been mother and father to teenagers Jim and Kati. However, ever since the malfunction of the device yesterday, their relationship had changed drastically. Jim was now decades older and a different gender as 67-year-old Gramma Jamie. Kati meanwhile had gone from a cute, blonde 13-year-old into a lovely, blonde, petite 38-year-old woman.

"That was Josie and Dave," Gramma Jamie said. "They want to come over and see the baby. Such a shame they never had children."

"When will they be here?" asked 58-year-old Nikki, still gorgeous and athletic for her age despite the slight lines on her face and the gray now mixed in with her dirty blonde hair. "I need a tennis partner today."

"In about an hour," Jamie replied.

The women and 13-year-old Dana, who was still unaffected by the age changes, ate breakfast. Kati breastfed baby Donna.

Soon, 42-year-old Josie and 43-year-old David arrived. By that point, Kati had aged to 39; Gramma Jamie was 69, her gray hair starting to appear more white in places; and Aunt Nikki was 61, and some of her muscle tone had slightly dwindled, although even at this age she was still in terrific shape.

"I can't wait to see that little angel," Josie said as she came in. She and David exchanged hugs with the women. When they got to Aunt Nikki, both felt the strange wave of power that people had felt at the night club the day before. Both however just shook it off and soon forgot about it.

"Here Josie, take little Donna," Kati said as she handed the newborn infant over to her. As the two women and baby came together, a strange feedback happened.

For the briefest of moments, the brand new baby became aware once again of the 40-year-old she was yesterday ... then 36, 32, 28 and so forth, until her mind once again reached newborn status. But the damage had been done, and Donna was aging once more

The family, mixed as it was laughed and talked for about an hour until Kati suggested lunch. After a few minutes they sat down, changed yet again.

Kati was now 40 years old, still beautiful but crows feet and eye bags starting to creep in. Gramma Jamie was 71, her gray hair even whiter, her butt, breasts and tummy slightly droopier as her fat cells and muscles diminished. Aunt Nikki had hit 64, still in good shape but her skin more wrinkled and the blonde nearly completely gone from her gray hair. Her eyesight had also begun to slightly weaken. And baby Donna had aged 2 years into an adorable, 2-year-old toddler, her wavy strawberry blond hair returned.

Meanwhile, Josie and Dave had began to creep younger. Dave was now 2 years younger, 41 and Josie was 3 years younger, 39.

As before, only Dana was unchanged, still 13, and still unaware of the changes in her family. To her, everything was normal.

Over lunch, Kati said: "Hey everyone, after we eat let's ..."

  1. Jump in the pool
  2. Go to the beach
  3. Go to the zoo
  4. Something else

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