Donna becomes a fetus

Infinite AR - Episode 15989

Kati snuggled up close to Donna, who was still wearing the oversized shirt of 13-year-old Dana. The 8-year-old felt warm, cozy and safe in Kati's arms. Despite being a little hyper still, snuggling up to Kati's bosom made Donna feel warm, safe, and comfortable, and she soon drifted off to sleep.

Smaller and smaller Donna got, as she became 7, and then 6. At this point, her instinct to suck her thumb started to kick back in. The kindergartner reached her arm up to her mouth but she was now so small that it came out the shirt's neck hole.

Had Kati been awake, she could have watched with her own eyes as Donna visibly shrank smaller and smaller into a preschooler. As Kati slept, she aged another year into 32, while Donna had completed her journey to 4 years old, completely engulfed in both the shirt and Kati's arms.

In the den, Nikki had aged another 3 years. She had officially hit 40 years old as she slept. The athletic woman's biological clock in full swing, she began to unconsciously pleasure herself.

Upstairs in the master bedroom, Jamie had aged another 2 years into 55. She finally drifted off into sleep, as the hot flashes menopause caused began to fade. Her once luxuriant raven hair was now a fine mix of black and gray. Her once proud bosoms had just slightly began to sag. Veins became more noticeable on her hands and legs, and her arms and tummy were also beginning to noticeably droop. Of course, she knew none of this as she slept, and even if she had been awake, she would have noticed nothing wrong.

4-year-old Donna was sitting up in bed, the shirt looser and looser on her. Her thoughts growing simpler and simpler, she was staring at Kati's groin, as if she knew instinctively what was going to happen to her, although she most certainly didn't. She didn't know how to spell, read, write or color. Smaller and smaller she shrank, as her hair became finer and all semblance of knowledge disappeared from her brain. Eventually, she laid on her back, as a strange growth seemed to appear in her belly button.

33-year-old Kati, still asleep, instinctively pulled off her panties, like a zombie.

Upstairs, 57-year-old Jamie thought she heard a scream in her sleep, but figuring it to be part of her dream, simply rolled over.

The next morning, 13-year-old Dana, still unaffected by the aging process, bounded downstairs for breakfast, when she arrived at the kitchen she was greeted by her three favorite people in the world: Her aunt, 58-year-old Nikki, still athletic, with fine lines in her face and her B-cup breasts only slightly sagging thanks to her years of fitness; her grandmother, 67-year-old Gramma Jamie, whose weight had leveled off at 180 pounds and was completely gray-haired; and her mother, the still petite and beautiful 38-year-old Kati, who was wearing a loose-fitting robe.

"Sweetie, before you eat, I have something to tell you," Kati said to Dana.

"What is it?" Dana asked.

"I'm pregnant," Kati replied.

"Really? That's great!" Dana said. "I've always wanted to be a big sister. When are you due?"
"In 5 months. I'm 4 months along now," Kati said.

It had been 5 hours since 33 year-old Kati had unbirthed Donna. Which meant that for each year Kati aged, the fetus that was once Donna was aging one month.

  1. The family eats breakfast
  2. The family gets a call from Jim and Kati's orginal parents, now cousins.
  3. The family goes on an excursion
  4. Something else

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