Time for bed

Infinite AR - Episode 15986

"OK girls, I think it's time to get ready for bed," 30-year-old Kati said.

"Oh, all right," said Dana, still 13 and still the only one unaffected by age changes. To 12-year-old Donna, her former mother and now little sister, she said "C'mon squirt, let's go to our room."

The two young teens headed to Dana's room, where fortunately she still had bunk beds. Kati headed for the spare bedroom, while Nikki, now 34, headed for the bathroom. Her plan was to sleep on the couch in the den, but she felt the urge to make a stop first. The blonde, tanned, toned, B-cup beauty went to the bathroom, stripped, and hopped into the shower ... and reached for the shower head.

In the spare bedroom, Kati changed into some clothes she found. They had been Donna's from when she was an adult and thinner. Donna as she existed at the beginning of the night at age 40, had been more matronly, closer to the size of 51-year-old Jamie upstairs. Fortunately, she had been much thinner before having Dana, which meant that these discarded clothes were a better fit to the petite, 115-pound Kati. Before dressing, she stared at herself in the mirror, admiring her blonde hair, tan skin and B-cup breasts. She looked good for 30 she thought. She got dressed and got under the covers.

Over the next hour or so, things progressed as they had been, with Kati aging a year to 31; Nikki, in the shower, becoming 37; with tiny crows feet beginning to pop up on her face; and Jamie, still mostly asleep but constantly tossing and turning from hot flashes, aging two years to 53.

Things weren't so great for Donna, who was still regressing 4 years for every one year Kati aged. Which meant she shrunk, and shrunk fast. Her breasts, already unimpressive as bedtime had been declared, receded back into her chest, and her voice got higher and higher. Mercifully, her pimples had faded completely back into freckles, and her strawberry blonde hair had morphed into a more childlike style.

She had, however, shrunk out of 13-year-old Dana's clothing. Uncomfortable, she kicked off the teen's shorts, leaving only the now oversized shirt as a nightie.

Donna was now 8 years old. As far as she could remember, she was in third ... no second grade, and her mommy, Kati, was her favorite person in the whole world. She loved her Aunt Nikki and her grandma, Jamie. She even loved her big sister Dana, although she could be mean sometimes. She had no recollection at all of the 28-year-old woman who was at the nightclub earlier that night, or of the 40-year-old woman who that morning had seen Dana off to school.

Unfortunately, a side affect of the regression was Donna becoming more and more hyper, and she couldn't sleep. She was feeling restless. So she popped out of bed and headed down the hall to Kati's room.

"Mom? Mommy?" Donna asked.

"What is it, sweetie," Kati said drowsily.

"I know I'm probably too big, but ... can I sleep with you?"

"Sure sweetie," Kati said. And Donna got into bed with her mommy.

  1. Donna regresses into a newborn and then into Kati's womb
  2. Donna regresses into a newborn, then stops regressing
  3. Donna regresses into a newborn, then disappears
  4. Donna regresses into a newborn, and then begins aging again
  5. Soemthing else

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