Katrina makes some bikini time

Infinite AR - Episode 15977

Katrina headed to her room. Even as a 17 year old, the run took a lot out of her. Fortunately, at 17 her recuperative powers were in high gear. She quickly had her second wind and was ready for round two of making Stephen notice her.

She'd picked up a 2 piece bathing suit as part of her earlier shopping spree. It was extremely skimpy and nothing she would've let a daughter of her's wear. In fact, her middle-aged self would've sworn she never would've worn something like it herself no matter her age or body. But her 17 year old self had other ideas. At 17 her fashion sense and tastes were vastly different than her middle-aged version could ever have imagined.

After her trip the previous day to the mall, and some magazine and internet viewing, she realized she had a tendency to want to revert back to a very retro 80's look if she wasn't careful. She especially had to resist the urge to tease her hair. She felt she was coming around to understanding what worked for her in 2010 though. After some last minute adjustments she was ready to debut her swimsuit and new body for the neighborhood. More importantly, for Stephen. Jim, just now awakening for the day at 10AM heard the clapping of flips flops rushing down the hall but didn't actually see what his mother was up to.

She figured she needed to be active for a bit and maybe the action would catch Stephen's attention. She felt rather geeky, but she watered the plants, picked up a few things around the yard, rattled a few things just to make noise and finally noticed Stephen looking out his window.

Perfect she thought, now he's seen her and surely she had his attention. She opened her lounge chair in the yard and starting applying some tanning oil. She could see Stephen watching from his window. She pretended not to notice him and was fairly sure he didn't think she could see him peeping out from behind the curtain. She laid her shoes beside the lounger and stretched out, pulling her sunglasses over her eyes. After a bit, Stephen came outside to do some work in his own front yard. Katrina wondered if he was really planning to do that work... or just using it as an excuse to watch her sunbathing.

Figuring she'd give him more of a show, she turned over and untied her top. She couldn't see Stephen as she laid on her stomach but she noticed things got quiet across the way. She felt his eyes on her and looked back over her shoulder and waved... and then giggled as she pretended to have forgetten her top was undone and that she'd came precariously close to giving him a peep show.

  1. Stephen Came Over to Talk
  2. Jim Came Outside to See What Was Happening
  3. Stephen Went Back Into His House

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