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Infinite AR - Episode 15967

Jim's girlfriend before all this got going,Sharon,stood there in front of 55 year old Jamie. "Hello there young lady, can I help you?" Jamie asked, as she grabbed some chocolate bonbons and proceeded to chow down.As if in response, her body swelled as time went by for her, and the next thing she knew she packed on 5, 10, 15, and twenty pounds. "Uhhh, is Jim around anywhere? And, how did you just put on a few pounds like that?" "Jim? That name is so familiar, though my name is Jamie hon," she replied, as she grabbed Sharon's hand and invited her inside, while with the other she grabbed a few more bonbons and a cookie. At that point, a shiver coursed through Sharon as she started to...

  1. gain weight
  2. aged 5 years for every year Jamie aged
  3. get younger
  4. accept the new Jamie in her current situation
  5. SE

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12/19/2011 12:10:59 AM

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