Dana's not affected: Is she the loophole?

Infinite AR - Episode 15965

"Hi sweetie, how was your day?" Jamie said to 13-year-old Dana as the women arrived home.

"I'm great, Mom," Dana said. "I don't have anything going on tomorrow, do you care if I stay up with Aunt Kati and Aunt Nikki to watch TV do you?"

"Certainly not, just go to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour," Jamie said, as she headed upstairs to what had once been Donna's room.

Meanwhile Donna, the only one in the house regressing, headed in the kitchen to get a drink of water. The 20-year-old was parched and couldn't figure out why. The strawberry blonde beauty had already forgotten that her "mom" had let her go to a nightclub. The reality warp of the regression had restyled her hair into a hairdo with sidebangs, very stylish for a young college-aged girl. Meanwhile, her freckles were slowly but surely returning, as a well a small but not so noticeable pimple.

As she drank a bottle of water, she gazed at herself in the mirror. She admired the make-up on her face, which she felt made her look older, and her firm, B-cup breasts, which she was quite proud of. But she couldn't help but wonder about the outfit she had picked out. Sure, it looked sexy, but why had she picked something so loose?

She had no idea anymore that a 32-year-old version of herself had picked the outfit out mere hours before.

In the den, Dana was chatting away with her favorite aunts, Nikki and Kati, completely forgetting that the day before Kati had also been a 13-year-old, just like her.

Dana, strawberry blonde like her former mother, loved the way Kati and Nikki looked. Both were slender, blonde, tan, with B-cup breasts. Kati was more petite, however. Nikki, however, was much more athletic, near Olympian level, thanks to the near constant physical activity of her childhood.

Upstairs, Jamie had stripped down to just her bra and panties and was silently judging herself in the mirror. Only weighing about 120 pounds that morning at the mall as a 22-year-old, the middle aged woman had gained about 40 pounds throughout the day. Her C-cup breasts had finally drooped into a small D-cup, and her overall body was a little chubbier now, or matronly, but she was far from fat.

She studied her face in the mirror for minutes on end. She swore she could see the lines on her face getting slightly deeper and a few more gray hairs invading her raven tresses. Of course, that is exactly what was happening, but her brain was erasing her knowledge of it as the months passed through her in minutes.
Another year had passed for Kati, leaving her 29. Nikki, not even a twinkle that morning, had surpassed her former aunt, now her current sister, and was now 31. Upstairs, Jamie was now 49.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Donna had regressed 4 years in the same time it took Kati, Jamie and Nikki to age 1,2 and 3 years respectfully. She was now 16, and her hormones were beginning ramp up. She was especially irritated with her loosening clothes, so she ran upstairs to Dana's room to find something that fit, settling for a tight T-shirt and stretchy gym shorts that were a bit small for her, although that wouldn't be a problem for long. Donna headed downstairs to hang out with her aunts and little sister.

And that little sister? Nothing was happening to Dana at all. For, during that last hour, while Kati aged one year, Jamie two years and Nikki three years, and while Donna had regressed four years ... Dana had aged one hour. Nor could she see anything happening to the others, as her brain was adjusting to the new reality as well.

Donna came in and sat next to Dana. The two looked so much alike, with Donna just a little bit taller and more developed. How that was soon to change.

  1. The night continues in the same pattern.
  2. Someone gets a phone call.
  3. Something disrupts the current age-change pattern
  4. Dana finally notices something was happening to the others
  5. Something else

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