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Infinite AR - Episode 15963

The next thing she new Dana felt a strange tingle go through her body. Looking at the others, she commented, "My clothes are feeling a little tight." The now 18 year old Donna took her hand and said, "Hey, I bought some clothes at the mall earlier." As she handed her a bag, 17 year old Donna escorted the now 15 year old into the house. Kati was now 30 and Nikki had turned 33. "Hey, I have those Bridal catalogs you said you wanted to look at on the coffee table. It doesn't hurt to think positive you know, we aren't getting any younger.""Don't I know it, I can feel my biological clock just ticking away." "Does it feel warmer to anyone?" asked Jamie as she passed 52, just heading into menopause and having her first hot flash.Her hair had touches of white in the bangs and gray on most of the top. Maybe she ought to think of a girdle soon. Thank goodness she had restocked on hormone patches while they were out. The elegant rhinestone glasses gave her an air of elegance as well, and it didn't hurt to have the beaded chain as she was constantly misplacing them. Just as she entered the house, a 13 year old Donna and an 18 year old Dana greeted her. "Well, it looks like the two of you solved your clothing dilemna.""Yeah, it seems that Dana had just the right outfit for me and my clothes were just right for her. Hey, want to go play video games Dana?""No, I need to go over some college catalogs." "Anyone up for a nightcap before we hit the hay?" asked 36 year old Nikki, her face looking more angular and her body a bit fuller as if she had stuffed herself into the outfit."Not me," answered Jamie,"I don't need more of a hangover than I already know I would have anyway." "I'll join you," replied the now 32 year old Kati, appearing more relaxed with the others now. Her breasts had enlarged a bit, but then so had most of the rest of her body. As all the rest headed off to bed, the two women sat talking about the evening when....

  1. there is a knock at the door
  2. they find the device on the coffee table
  3. they hear a baby cry
  4. the house seems to change
  5. they drink something that has a strange effect on them

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