Heading to the club

Infinite AR - Episode 15948

The women decided to go to a local nightclub, Agua. As they were getting ready to leave, only Jamie, Kati and Donna were going to go, and Nikki was going to wait for Donna's daughter Dana to come home. However, at the last minute, Nikki decided to come along as well.

Kati, Jamie and Nikki continued to age as they headed to the bar, while Donna continued to grow younger. Eventually, they arrived at the club. After about 15 mintues inside the club, another age cycle had completed. Kati had aged 1 year to 26, Jamie 2 years to 43, Nikki 3 years to 22. Donna, meanwhile, had become 4 years younger, and was now 28.

Donna was having a good time, which was enhanced by the fact that she was feeling more and more energetic as time passed. Meanwhile, she paid little attention to the fact that her clothes were again too big on her as she had lost the last of her baby weight.

Jamie, meanwhile was feeling more an more tired as time passed, although not dramatically slow. Lines on her face were starting to appear a bit more pronounced, her butt was slightly bigger, and her boobs droopier. Fortunately, she was in great shape overall, so it was barely noticeable. Also fortunately, there were lots of college guys in the place that wanted to chat up the sexy cougar. If Jamie had been aware of the age shift, she would have noticed her voice get slightly deeper by about half an octave.

Nikki was having the best time as she and Kati danced. Nikki's hyper athletic body made her the best dancer on the floor. Soon Donna joined them on the dance floor, having more and more fun as her age crept closer and closer to the other two. An interesting thing happened as they were dancing: Since Donna was regressing faster than the rest were aging, she was soon the youngest in their group.

Another intersting thing was happening to the guys Nikki would dance with. Just like with Donna, each felt a pang of energy when she brushed up against them. Incidentally, several hours after the girls left the club, several underage teenage boys were thrown out of the club.

The women stayed long enough that two age cycles passed while they were enjoying themselves. At that point, Jamie came up to them on the dancefloor.

"We have to leave now," Jamie said. "Donna, those bouncers are staring at you, and I'm sure they know you are not 21. Let's go, I feel like such a bad mother."

Because reality had adjusted in all four women's heads, and they now believed Jamie to be Donna's mother.

The four headed to the car: Kati and Nikki now both 28, their relationship now strangely ambiguous; Jamie, now 47; and 20-year-old Donna, whining that she had to leave so early.

The women returned to Donna's former home, now Jamie's home, just in time to see Donna's former daughter, 13-year-old Dana, now her sister, dropped off by her friend's parents.

Dana took one look at Jamie and said "hi Mom!"

  1. Dana begins to be affected, starts aging
  2. Dana begins to be affected, starts regressing
  3. Dana is not affected by aging, but her mind changes with the rest
  4. Something else

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