At Donna and Dana's house

Infinite AR - Episode 15945

Kati, Jamie and Nikki decided to head to their friends Donna and Dana's house. Before the gun broke and reality shifted, 13-year-old Dana had been Kati's best friend, while 40-year-old Donna was her mother, and had been the object of Jim's crush. However, their memories now altered by the unstoppable aging and reality warp, Jim was now 37-year-old cougar Jamie; Kati was 23 and only had memories of being Dana's favorite baby-sitter; and Nikki, now 13 and growing, had the memories of being Dana's best friend.

Donna -- who had fair skin, auburn air in a pony tail, and was beginning to develop a matronly figure -- opened the door for the three of them when they arrived, her mind now affected by the reality warp as well.

"Hey girls come on in!" Donna said. "I can make a quick dinner for the 4 of us. Sorry, Nikki dear, but Dana's not home."

"That's OK, Aunt Donna, I can amuse myself," Nikki said, as the athletic teen slowly started to inch up into a second growth spurt un-noticed by all.

It was at this moment that Nikki decided to give Donna a hug. At the instant they touched, a wave of vibration went through Nikki into Donna.

"Hmm, that was weird," Donna thought to herself. And then immediately forgot about it a moment later.

The women began talking in the kitchen as Nikki, still athletically inclined from her "years" on the playground, began to use Donna's elliptical, in her mind preparing for an upcoming high school track meet.

Soon it was time for dinner. Sitting at the table were a 24-year-old Kati, 39-year-old Jamie, 16-year-old Nikki ... and a now 36-year-old Donna.

"Dig in girls, hope you enjoy," Donna said. She was now about 10 pounds lighter -- she had gained a bit of weight when her husband lefter her -- and the beginnings of crows feet around her eyes had melted away.

The women enjoyed a leisurely dinner with great conversation. Nikki was not as vocal at first, but that changed since she was aging faster than everyone else present. Within minutes, or months for her, she was just as engrossed in the conversation as her mother and aunt.

Donna, meanwhile, was becoming more and more light and giggly as the coversation went on. At one point, she looked over at her friend Jamie, and was surprised to see a single strand of gray hair clearly noticeable against the rest of her raven-colored tresses. However, she shrugged it off, merely thinking "that's what happens at her age." She was, momentarily concerned at how loose her clothes felt, as she had now lost a full 20 pounds from the time she hugged Nikki, but the thoughts soon faded.

Jamie herself, however, was feeling a bit uncomfortable. Her clothes were tighter on her, as she now weighed a good 20 pounds more than she had as a 20-something in the food line at the mall. Luckily for her, the weight had gained evenly all over, so it merely accentuated her curvy figure.

Eventually dinner was over, leaving a 25-year-old Kati, 41-year-old Jamie, 19-year-old Nikki and 32-year-old Donna to clean up their dishes. When that task was completed, Jamie subtly asked Donna for a loaner outfit, which she gladly provided.

After Jamie changed, a noticeably more energetic Donna said to Kati and Jamie, "Hey girls, let's go ... "

  1. " ... to a nightclub."
  2. " ... to a bar."
  3. "... to the movies."
  4. "... watch TV."
  5. Something else

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