The girls at the park

Infinite AR - Episode 15940

The park was only a short distance away, so the women and Nikki barely aged by the time they arrived. Nikki, 7 going on 8, headed immediately for the playground. Kati and Jamie followed to watch her and make small talk. As the gap in their ages grew, they found themselves easier to talk to as sibling rivalry faded away. They had started the trip a mere 3 years apart; that gap was now 13 years and growing.

As Nikki played, an interesting thing was happening to her body. As months were passing as she played, as opposed to minutes, her body was becoming predisposed to becoming more and more athletic, and in fact her energy and metabolism were increasing. As she aged, her body developed as if she had spent years playing sports in her spare time, and memories flooded her brain of soccer, t-ball and gymnastics. As she grew over the next hour from 7-and-a-half to 8 to 9, her body stayed lean, and she even hit a slight early growth spurt.

For all three females, the exposure to the sun was proving interesting as well. Since the playground was relatively well-shaded, but not overly so, they all developed healthy tans as they aged, as if they went outdoors for several hours each day. In fact Jamie, now in her 30s, developed a slight freckling in her cleavage area.

After about an hour of playing, Nikki ran up to her mother and aunt.

"Mommy, er, Mom, my clothes feel tight," said the increasingly stick-like 10-year-old, who did not even exist before a few hours before.

22-year-old Kati looked at 35-year-old Jamie for a second.

"You know sweetie, there's an outfit on the back seat of the car if you want it, although it might be a little big for you," Kati said, completely forgetting that it was the outfit that she herself had worn as a 13-year-old at the start of the mall trip.

"Thanks," Nikki said, bounding off to the car.

"Kids," Jamie said to her sister. "They grow up so fast."

Neither woman got the irony of the statement, as neither could remember the incident with the age-changing device that morning, nor the malfunction that kept them aging throughout the day and had turned Jim into Jamie. As far as they knew, they were sisters a little more than 13 years apart in age, and Nikki had been born just over a decade ago, not mere hours.

As Nikki changed her clothes in the car, she felt a slight stomach discomfort, then felt something wet on her leg. The nearly 11-year-old realized she was bleeding, and then something in her brain told her what it was. Nikki then nonchalantly took a tampon out of her aunt's purse, as if she had done it a few times before.

In a few minutes, Nikki came out of the car, wearing the outfit her aunt had discarded a decade ago that morning, including the still too loose bra, for reasons she couldn't yet fathom. She then met up with Jamie and Kati, who decided to go feed some ducks with a pack of popcorn Jamie had bought at the vending machine.

On the way to the lake, neither of the three noticed passing the other children Nikki had played with earlier. Nor did they notice that a few of them, who Nikki had come into physical contact with, seemed to be just slightly outgrowing their clothes.

After a leisurely walk around the lake, the three headed back to the car. By the time they arrived, the dynamic had yet again completed another shift. Kati had aged 1 year to 23, Jamie had aged 2 years into a gorgeous and fabulously confident 37-year-old cougar, her C-cup breasts still firm despite a barely noticeable shift lower. And Nikki had completed her 3-year cycle, at 13 completely filling out Kati's discarded outfit.

The girls decided to ...

  1. Head home
  2. Go to eat dinner
  3. Head to a friend's house
  4. Something else
  5. The story follows one of the gradually aging children from the playground

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