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Infinite AR: The Maternity Store [Episode 15935]

The Maternity Store

Infinite AR - Episode 15935

27-year-old Jamie and 18-year-old Kati headed to the maternity store at Jamie's request, although Jamie wasn't quite sure why. She did know that her stomach felt weird ever since she looked at that guy.

The two were unaware of course both of Jamie's previous existence as Jim and of the fact that they were slowly, but much faster than normal, aging -- Jamie two years for each one that Kati did.

Kati separated from her sister inside the store, looking through racks of baby clothes.

"Why are we even here," thought Kati. "It seems silly, like we're jumping the gun a bit."

"Gun." Why did that seem familiar? Kati shrugged it off, as she passed the threshold to 19. All of a sudden, she heard Jamie scream.

Katie rushed over and, surprisingly, found the now 29-year-old sitting on the ground with a baby girl about a year old.

"What happened?" Kati asked.

"Oh nothing, Jamie replied. "I forgot to bring diapers for Nikki though."

Something clicked in Kati's brain, as if to say, of course this is right.

"Oh, OK," Kati said. "I'll pick out some clothes for her.

Kati spent the next few minutes picking out an outfit for baby Nikki. But just like at the Gap, she felt the urge to buy some things a few sizes larger as well, so she paid for the outfit, handed it to Jamie, and head over to the Baby Gap to pick out some clothing for school age children.

When they met in the center court a half hour later, the group had changed again. It was a 20-year-old Kati, a 31-year-old Jamie, and a 4-year-old Nikki with long, dirty blonde hair.

"Mommy, I want to go on the carousel," Nikki said as her aunt dressed her.

"I don't see the harm in that, sweetie," Jamie said.

"In the meantime, I've got some clothes to exchange," Kati said. "Why don't we meet in a half hour?"

"Sounds good," Jamie said, and the three went on their way -- Jamie and Nikki to the carousel and Kati to inexplicably (to her at least) exchange the clothes she just bought for larger ones.

They met a half hour later as planned. The group dynamic had changed yet again. 21-year-old Kati was greeted by 33-year-old Jamie and 7-year-old Nikki, who was complaining that her clothes felt too tight.

"So what should we do now?" asked Kati.

"I know," Jamie said. "Let's ..."

  1. "Go to a restaurant."
  2. "Go to the zoo."
  3. "Go to the park."
  4. "Go home."
  5. Something else

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