Teenaged Katrina flirts with Stephen

Infinite AR - Episode 15857

Katrina woke up to the sound of her alarm clock. She hopped straight out of bed ready to start her plan to make sure Stephen noticed her. She put on her shoes, shorts, a sports bra and tank top and she felt pretty good about her look. She pulled her hair back into a pony tail and got one last look at the mirror. Satisfied, she was out the door before Jim was even out of bed.

She hid out watching for Stephen to leave his house. Right on schedule he started his run. Katrina let him get a hard start and then came out of hiding to run behind him and catch up and ultimately pass him. But as soon as she got around him she turned around, jogged backwards a bit, and said "Sooo we meet again! You're a runner too, huh?"

Stephen had been running since he was a schoolboy and was quite the athlete. Katrina, wasn't really a runner but being 17 her youth helped to make up for her lacking of training as a runner. While certainly not in the same shape as Stephen, she was far from out of shape either.

"Yeah, fancy meeting you here!" he replied removing the earbud speakers from his ears "So, you're a runner too!"

"I'm kinda like new at this running thing but I really want to get into more" she answered figuring there was no need to lie. "It's fun! I don't like getting up this early though!"

"You get used to it" Stephen answered "If a musician like me can get used to it, so can you!" So far so good she thought as she fell back and ran beside Stephen. "So, you like need a running partner?"

"The more the merrier. So where's your MP3 player?" he asked.

"My what??" the technically challenged and formerly unhip Katrina replied.

"MP3 player... You know... your IPOD..." he explained.

"Oh! My IPOD thingie.... I lost it" she lied realizing a teen without an IPOD did seem strange now that she thought about it. She also knew she was going to have to do some research. She had no idea what an MP3 was! It sounded like a robot from Star Wars!!

"You ought to find it and I can upload some tracks my band's been working on"

Katrina figured 'tracks' meant songs. That was soooo cool! He was offering her his music! Even though she was starting to get a little winded with the running, this development energized her.

The two continued their talking and Stephen slowed his pace to go easy on his new running partner. She really was hot and he was certainly taking notice of the new girl on the block. Of course he also thought she was 18 as she'd lied to him previously. Little did he know she was really a 43 year old regressed into a 17 year old... both things that would be big turn offs to him if he knew the truth. But Katrina had no plans of him learning the truth.

Katrina felt good her plan was working. He was noticing her and they were becoming fast friends. She made sure to give him some well-place flirting because she didn't want to end up in some kind of friend trap! The only problem with her plan was she hadn't factored in how much the running was going to take out of her. She'd have to recuperate her aching muscles before moving on to the next phase. Fortunately, her teenaged body had no trouble bouncing back and feeling ready for round two.

  1. Katrina modeled her swimsuit
  2. Katirna had an unplanned guest
  3. Jim asked Katrina where she'd been

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