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Infinite AR - Episode 15855

Katrina was afraid Jim would use the device to restore her to her old middle aged self. She liked how she was now. She liked how she felt. How everything seemed new to her again, the world around her, her thoughts and feelings, everything with new possabilties. She would not let Jim change her back. Remembering how easily swayed she was when she was younger. How she just couldn't stand up for herself or to anybody for that matter. Katrina decided to give Jim her emotional/maturity level of when she was 13 years old. Katrina set the controlls and fired the device at Jim. When she fired the device she felt a tingingly buzzing sensation in her head that then felt like it flowed into the device and out into Jim. When the ray had stopped, Katrina looked at Jim and said "Jim, you know I may look and perhaps act like I am 17 year old girl. But you also know that I am still your mother and I know what is best for us.". Jim looked at Katrina, wrestling with the thoughts in his head. He knew that he had turned her back into being 17 again. He also knew that she was indeed his mother and that she was in charge. Jim blinked a couple of times and said "Yes mother" in a demure submissive kind of voice "I know you know what is best, but I just worry about you sometimes." Realizing that her idea had worked, Katrina said "That's ok sweetheart. You just let mother take care of things.". Jim smiled and said in that same voice "Yes mother.". NOT realizing what she had done when she gave Jim her emotional/maturity level of herself when she was 13. Katrina had also given Jim her desires to leave childhood behind and grow up into being a woman. Her desires to wear sexier clothing and makeup to show how mature she was becoming. She also gave him her growing infatuation with boys.

  1. Jim struggles with his new feelings.
  2. Jim asks Katrina if he can wear makeup
  3. Jim meets the gay drummer in Stephens band.
  4. Jim wants to become a "real" 13 year old girl
  5. SE

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