Katrina makes her plans

Infinite AR - Episode 15854

Lovesick Katrina made her plans to win the heart of neighbor Stephen.

She knew he liked a morning run so she made sure and bought a cute outfit for running herself. A not-so-chance meeting during the morning run would be her first move to get his attention. She just hoped he'd like her as much as she liked him. Then everything else would just fall together she imagined. It just had too!

Part two of her plan was some strategic bikini time around the house, staying within view of his home as much as possible. She could get some sun and attention at the same time she hoped.

Part three would be finding a reason to knock on his door while wearing something revealing. She'd figure out what to say later. She figured it was more important what she wore and how she looked than anything. She figured she knew how easy boys are to impress. A little smile and some cleavage should put her well on her way she thought.

She wasn't sure what part four would be but if all went well he'd ask her out, if not invite her in right then, before she even needed to get to part four!

She hugged her pillow and giggled as she daydreamed about making Stephen her boyfriend. He was just soooooo cool and cute too!!! She just wished she had some friends she could call and talk about this but all her friends were old and boring!! She wished she had some cool young friends!

  1. Morning comes
  2. Change in plans
  3. Jim warns Stephen what is happening

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2/7/2010 2:04:18 AM

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