A loss of maturity

Infinite AR - Episode 15837

Katrina fought to handle her bounty of new clothes as she entered the house and tossed the bags and boxes onto the couch.

Jim, hearing the commotion, hurried to the living room. "Mom! What is all this stuff?"

You didn't expect the new me to wear all those musty old rags like I used to did you?" she answered.

"But ALL of this? It must've cost you a fortune!"

"Yeah right... Heh! I used my credit card so it's not like it cost anything!"

"But it will when the bill comes due!" Jim answered.

"Oh whatever! I'll pay the minimum or something. Just look at all the cool stuff I got. It's like SOOOO worth it!"

"But still, why so much? You're gonna have me change you back in a few days aren't you?"

Katrina's expression changed "I dunno... I 'spose... Eventually..."

"But you didn't need ALL of THIS" Jim told her as he motioned to the bags strewn around the couch.

"Yeah, whatever, Jim.... Anyway... I gotta get into something more comfortable" she replied as she kicked off her shoes and grabbed a couple of the bags on her way down the hall.

Jim just shook his head. He'd created a monster. His first thought was to just reverse the process and restore her back to adulthood. But if she was really enjoying this as much as she seemed, that likely wouldn't make for a good conversation once he'd restored her against her wishes.

He decided he should talk to her some more. Maybe try and reason with her about letting him reverse the process sooner rather than later. He walked down the hall and knocked on her down. It wasn't closed good and the force opened it.

Katrina had changed into some shorts and a T-shirt. The shorts said "Baby Doll" on the rear.

"Jimmy!" she complained when she saw him standing at the open door. She quickly tossed a notebook in a dresser drawer.

"What are you doing? What was that?" he asked.

"Uhhh a diary or something. It's like none of your business!" she answered.

"I didn't know you kept a diary?"

"Yeah, well, I do... now. Change of subject!"

What Jim didn't know was that the 'diary' was more a collection of doodles showing hearts and phrases like "Katrina and Stephen equals Love". It couldn't have been any more juvenile but Jim didn't know that.

"Listen," he started in a worried tone "I kinda think maybe you're acting a little too... too... uhhhhh young..."

"I'm 17!... I mean I'm 43 I just look 17!" she shot back.

"Hear me out... You wanted to... you know... You wanted your innocence back... And the way my invention works might go a little overboard trying to disconnect those old memories and stuff"

"What are you saying??"

"You might look 17 but maybe your maturity is kind of a mix and match even with some traits maybe from when you were even... uhhh younger. Or maybe you were just this immature at 17. I dunno... But I'm worried about you. I think maybe it'd be better to just reverse this before ummm you do something you'll regret... or max out your credit cards.... OK?"

"Reverse this? Already??? As if!!! No way! I'm just getting used to it and I like it! I'm not some little kid you can just boss around you know!" she countered.

Jim didn't know what else to say. He'd said his part and it didn't seem to have made a difference. Meanwhile, Katrina couldn't believe Jim was ready to return her to middle age. How on earth could she ever strike up a relationship with Stephen if she's suddenly an old dinosaur again?! "Ewwwwww No way!!" she repeated for emphasis.

"Just think about it...OK?" he pleaded.

"Yeah Yeah... What-evah!"

"I'm serious! Think about it and be careful as long as you're like... this... I'm sure you're more vulnerable than you realize"

"Puh-lease! I'm a big girl and I can like handle myself just fine!"

Jim left the room. Maybe she was right. Maybe he was just being overly concerned. It's not easy seeing a parent turned younger than yourself. Maybe she wasn't as immature now as he thought.

Meanwhile, with Jim away from the room, Katrina began drawing a series of hearts with her and Stephen's name written inside them as she popped her gum. She occasionally twirled her hair around her finger as she thought about her and Stephen together before adding more hearts to the paper.

  1. Katrina Asks Jim to make her physically just a little older
  2. Katrina plans her next move
  3. Katrina, worried about Jim restoring her, turns the device on Jim
  4. Katrina herself begins to wonder if she's become too immature

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