Not again!

Infinite AR - Episode 15827

Verona [Jim's mom] was thrilled with the discovery, but the thrill quickly changed. "Wait Katie what are you doing with that remote?" Katie smiling says "Giving you what you want Momma." Katie fires the remote and Jim lets out a squeal as the ray hits him. He begins regressing at a faster rate, from 6 months to 4. 4 to 1. 1 and he vanished. Verona let out a moan and grabbed her belly. A large gurgling sound was heard as her blouse and jeans became tight. Her blouse parted showing her bra for a second, revealing a rapidly expanding belly. The zipper on her jeans pops open; her panties stretch with her belly for a moment before sliding down out of sight. Katie's smile grew even wider. Her momma was pregnant again! And Jim would be out of her hair for a while.

  1. Mother/Son bounding time
  2. Katie looks for more targets
  3. Interupted

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6/3/2010 9:49:23 AM

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