17 Again

Infinite AR - Episode 15813

Katrina returned home without any problems. She checked her look one last time in the rearview mirror and exited her vehicle. She noticed 23 year old Stephen was also arriving to his home next door. She couldn't believe how cute he was!

"Hello!" she waved with a large smile.

Stephen politely waved back not recognizing the new girl on the block but liking what he saw. Katrina realized he'd only seen her 43 year old version and also realized how forward she'd just been. She'd seen and spoken with him several times as a 43 year old, but now she suddenly felt awkward being so forward.

"So who are -you-? I like to know all the hotties on my block! Are you Jim's girlfriend?" he asked.

Katrina giggled "No!!! As if!!! Jim's my s... errrrr cousin, silly!"

"Oh... I didn't know... I thought maybe Jim's luck was picking up" Stephen said as he looked the girl up and down.

"I'm just staying here, like, for a few days or something. Maybe longer. It's a long story" Katrina explained without really explaining anything at all. "My name is Katrina"

"My name is Stephen" he replied "And how old are you, Katrina?"

Katrina's heart skipped a beat. If he was asking how old she was then he must be interested in her! "I'm 18" she answered.

"Hmmmm 18, huh?"

"Almost 19!" she added for good measure. She didn't want to scare him off by thinking she was too young for him! She was just glad she had on this dress and heels. She liked how it made her look a little more sophisticated than a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops. A much better first impression she figured.

"Well, Katrina, I need to get my stuff together and get ready to practice with the band. Maybe I'll see you around..."

"Cool!" she answered as she watched him head into his house. She especially liked seeing him turn for one last look at her and the sly smile he gave! "YES!" she exclaimed as she ran into the house.

  1. Katrina Has a Rendevous With The Neighbor
  2. Jim Ask Katrina What She Thinks She's Doing
  3. Jim Tries to Talk Katrina into letting him reverse the process on her

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