A Day At The Mall

Infinite AR - Episode 15810

Once at the mall Katrina couldn't believe all the options she had for clothing. She didn't even pay attention to the price tags, after all, she had a credit card! She also noticed she was getting attention from boys and she liked it. Once she had several bags filled with all manner of teen fashions, she decided she should get a makeover. She could tell her current hairstyle wasn't meshing with what other girls were wearing. Before it was over she'd spent some time in a tanner, had her hair lightened and straightened, had her nails done, and had gotten some makeup tips from a 19 year old working at the makeup counter.

Before leaving the tanner she changed out of the mini skirt, T-shirt, and flip flops into a skimpy little short black dress she'd purchased and heels. She liked how that made her look a little older and more sophisticated with her recent makeover... although the bubblegum she was chewing and clicking was an awkward counterpart to that more mature look.

She made sure to walk through the mall for no other reason but to be seen. She was constantly turning her head to look at her reflection in the mirror. Always worried that she might not look as sexy as she hoped. But the stares from both boys and men were an extreme confidence boost. She just couldn't wait to meet someone and experience love for the first time... again!

Katrina finally left the mall and headed home. There was one guy she'd been thinking about this whole time and that was the 23 year old neighbor. He was a writer and musician and ever since Katrina had regressed to 17 there was something about him that fascinated her.

  1. Katrina Meets The Neighbor
  2. Katrina Meets A Boy At the Mall
  3. Katrina returns home

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