Jim's New Cousin

Infinite AR - Episode 15799

"Jim, I think you should tell people I'm your cousin Katrina and I'm staying here with your family for a while"

"Sure, but what if someone comes to visit or calls for you? I mean the adult you? That's gonna be a problem!"

Katrina looked frustrated "As if! Surely someone smart enough to like invent that machine thing of your's can think of a cover story. And if someone calls, they can't see me so like I can just talk to them on the phone and it'll be all cool and stuff"

"Uh, I'm not sure about that. You kinda talk like a teenager from the 80's plus your voice sounds like a teenager, not old like before"

"Are you saying I was old??"

"I didn't mean it like that!" Jim protested.

His teenaged mother giggled "It's OK... I was old! I was, like, ANCIENT!"

So the cover story was hatched. Jim just hoped no one got too curious about the whereabouts of his mother.

Katrina went to her closet to find something to wear and turned on the radio. She quickly found her taste in music had changed. She needed something more upbeat. She stopped on a radio station playing Taylor Swift's "Love Story" and immediately found herself memorizing the lyrics. She was surprised she hadn't paid attention to them before. She thought they were really good. It was a love story she thought as she hugged her pillow.

Finding clothes wasn't easy. The closet was filled with things for a 43 year old. She knew one of the first things she'd have to do was upgrade her wardrobe. Everything was just SO boring she complained as she pawed all the choices. It wasn't until she remembered she had a box of clothing she'd saved from her college days that she decided there might be any hope.

She found a denim mini skirt and an old baby-doll concert T-shirt. The skirt was fairly timeless, and the T-shirt just looked fashionably retro. There were some denim cutoffs that were passable she figured... and a few tank tops too. Most of her shoe collection was a little too big now but she found a pair of flip flops that were functional enough.

After a little work on her hair and makeup she was ready to make her re-emergence as a teenager.

When Jim saw her he realized she'd need to spend some time reacquainting herself with the teen fashions of the day. Especially her hair and makeup. But she'd still fit right in even if her hair was a little bigger than it needed to be.

"OK Jimmy, I'm, like, taking the car and the credit card and I'm headed to the mall. Don't wait up!" she said with a girlish giggle.

"Are you sure that's a good idea? Maybe you should work you way slowly out into the public..."

"Oh Puh-lease! You're such a worry-wart!! I'm 17! It's not like I'm some little kid..."

"Yeah... but..."

"But what?"

"By restoring your innocence it's left you... less mature... Know what I mean?"

"Big deal! I'm a big girl!"

"But... still... my invention... it's made you... naive... again... I'm sure you don't understand it but that's because it worked. That's why you should go slow and try and refigure some things out."

"Oh... What-ever! What are you now... my big brother? I'm like, so outta here!"

  1. Katrina heads to the mall
  2. Jim talks Katrina into staying
  3. Before she can leave someone knocks at the door

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