Make me 30 years old. No wait...

Infinite AR - Episode 15791

"Can you make me 30 years old?" his mom asked.

"Sure!" Jim told her "Just let me adjust this and..."

"Wait!" Jim's mother told him "Let me think about this a minute!" She scrunched her toddler face as she thought hard on what age she'd like to be. Sweet 16? The more she thought about it the more it excited her but then memories of teenage hormones and emotions flashed through her mind. She wasn't sure she wanted to revisit that age. Plus, she'd still be a child in most people's minds.

"How about 21?" she asked.

"OK" Jim said and again readjusted his invention and aimed it at his mother.

"No... No... Wait!" she yelled stopping him just before he pressed the button. She was still intrigued about being a teenager again... just not 16... "21 is a good age but I'd still be an adult at 18... but still a kid too... I wonder if you should make me 18 again?"

"Ok..." Jim said...

"No... What am I thinking... That's too young... Isn't it?"

"Geez! What's the big deal?? Just pick an age!" Jim said starting to get annoyed.

"I'm thinking... I'm thinking... Just wait a minute. 25. 25 years old. Not too young and not too old. Let's do that"

"OK... Final answer?" Jim asked not even bothering to reset his invention yet.

"Uhhhhhh no... 23... Let's do 23. I'll split the difference between 21 and 25" she answered but still harbored thoughts of asking to be younger than that.

"It's not like you can't change your mind afterwards"

"I never thought of that... OK... make me 23... for now"

Jim zapped his youthened mother and watched as she slowly began to grow back up. She was wrapped in a large towel that was bunched at her toes. From toddlerhood to girlhood to tween to teen. The towel covered less and less as the process moved forward. Into her 20's... The towel now covered her legs only like a miniskirt. Finally she was 23.

"There you go. According to this you just turned 23 exactly 1 minute ago" Jim explained.

Jim's mother ran to look at herself in the mirror. The first thing she noticed was how nimble and active she felt. Then she saw her youthened face and couldn't believe it! Her son had invented the fountain of youth!

"We're gonna be rich! Women everywhere will pay for treatments" she exclaimed.

"You think people will pay much for this?" Jim naively asked.

"Are you kidding?? Of course they will! Isn't that why you invented it?"

"There's this one girl at school... She's always getting called a slut and it's because she did it with this one guy and now she says she regrets it but he's been telling everyone how easy she was. I thought it would be cool if she could get her virginity back"

Jim's mother hadn't thought about that! Virginity back? She thought some on the topic before speaking. "But Jim would it really be the same? She might be physically a virgin but she will have lost that innocence. It can never be the first time again".

"That's why I wanted to make sure this could affect the mind too" Jim answered "so I figured out how to repress various memories and restore her innocence that way too"

Suddenly Jim's mother's desire to be even younger was increasing. Could she really be a virgin again and experience love for the first time again? Could that really be possible? "Jim, can you make me a virgin again... I mean completely... Like you were just talking about?"

This conversation was getting a little awkward for Jim now. "I... I... I suppose.... but I'd have to know... you know... when... uhhhh how old... you know... you were when..."

"Oh grow up!" His mother said "It was the night of my 17th birthday"

"OK" Jim said as he aimed the device at his mother and watched as the 23 year old began to youthen. Down into her early 20's... then into her teens... 19... 18... 17.

"There... you just turned 17. Before you had... uhhh... before you had... sex... for the first time"

Although Jim's mother could tell she'd been restored to her teenage years she was no less innocent than her 43 year old version would've been. "It didn't work..." she said "I still know and remember everything... everything"

"I wasn't done" Jim said as he made a couple of adjustments and aimed the device again at his mother.

This time it felt different. Before she could feel her skin and muscles changing. There was a distinct chill before. Not now. This time she felt a strange numbness in her thoughts while engulfed in the ray. There was a strange disconnect with reality taking place. She tried to concentrate and understand what was happening but things just wouldn't connect like they should. She couldn't tell if hours were passing or merely minutes... or even just seconds. And then the ray stopped.

"There" Jim said "all finished".

The 17 year old sat back stunned on the bed and held her legs together as tightly as possible. She tugged on the towel to make it cover as much flesh as possible. A few minutes ago she had no problem discussing when she'd lost her virginity... now she felt shy even thinking about the topic. She searched her mind for memories of sex but there were just kisses and some groping memories there now. She was as nervous as any schoolgirl. She felt shy, scared, and excited all at once. She tried to summon up some confidence to discuss what had just happened to her but her confidence was gone and replaced by an uneasy awkwardness. She still knew Jim was her son, but he might as well had been adopted because his birth... or even conception... was not even a fleeting memory.

"Jim... I think it worked... I... I... I can't remember anything about... ummmm you know.... like... doing... ummm doing stuff... I mean I feel like I'm.... a teenager!"

"That's what you said you wanted" Jim told her "Just be careful who you date and what you do. You're going to be awfully naive now. I can try and change you back if you want"

"No!" she said, insulted by Jim calling her naive. She wanted to experience love for the first time again and her mind filled with almost impossible romantic situations if she could find the right guy. She was sure her prince Charming was out there.

  1. She wanted to Jim to intruduce her as his cousin to friends
  2. She wanted to meet the 23 year old neighbor across the street
  3. She wanted to go out clubbing

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