two shots

Infinite AR - Episode 1576

A beam of light from the gun hit Jim, and he watched as the room around him seemed to grow. His whole body reshaped as his hips expanded and his torso shrank. He felt his hands become more delicate and his throat tingled as his vocal cords tightened. He looked down and saw his chest begin to expand, giving him nice C cup breasts. The whole sensation was actually pleasurable. His clothes and hair then began to change, and his face restructured itself. When it was over, He was a girl of about 19 with a knockout figure and a very cute face wearing a tank top, miniskirt, and some 2" heels. However impressed he was with the performance of his invention, Jim was terrified. He took two steps toward his sister to try to get the gun back, but he stumbled from his new center of gravity and the high shoes and she caught him. He began to protest, stuttering from the sound of his new voice, "Kat. . . Katie, this isn't funny, give me that gun back now! It's not complete yet!" Katie heard him and decided to make some more changes. A quick push of a button and another flash of light and Jim was stopped mid sentence. "I'm serious, give it to me no. . . . what was I saying?" Jamie, looking confused, then spun easily around, walked comfortably over to, and sat on her bed. "Hmm, I forgot. Well Kat, are you going to give me that makeover or not? We were going to choose makeup and hair dye, but the stores will close soon!" Katie smiled to herself and said, "I've got a new technique we can use on each other." Next . . .

  1. Jamie uses the gun on Kat
  2. Kat changes Jamie again
  3. Someone else walks in
  4. The gun fires, hitting one of them
  5. The gun fires, hitting both of them

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7/14/2006 9:48:38 AM

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