"I'll make you younger"

Infinite AR - Episode 1575

Katie pulled the trigger and pointed the gun at Jim. Before Jim could respond, he felt himself shrinking. "Katie, why are you doing this?" said Jim in a higher voice then usual. Katie laughed and explained "You think I liked being the younger sister? No I didn't! However, I'm not going to make you my age... I'll make you even younger!" Jim started to grab for the gun. Unfortunately, Katie out manuvered him and kept aiming the gun at Jim. "Nice try Jim... I mean Jimmy. Don't worry, it won't be long now. You look like my old age now." Katie was right, Jim looked at his full length mirror in his room to see a 13 year old, and getting younger! "Stop it!" screamed Jim in a very high voice. "Oh no, I am enjoying this to much" Katie said as she watched Jim become even younger. "This is not good" Jim thought as he felt his pubic hair retract into his body, and muscles becoming nothing. Jim took his little arm out of the huge arm hole and touched his man spot... and he felt no hair left. "Ahhh, did Jimmy go back through puberty?" said a laughing Katie. Jim's face started to go red, and it looked pretty comical with his oversized clothes on. "I have to make a try to get the gun" thought Jim as he tried to lunge for the gun. However, when Jim jumped, he jumped out of his pants. "Nice try Jimmy, but your just to short now". Katie started to love this position, and thought up a brilliant thought. "Hey Jimmy, since your a kid, you might as well take the shirt off." Katie then grabed the shirt off of Jim, leaving him naked the day he was born. "Hey, no fair!" yelled Jim in a kid voice. Jim was shocked about his voice and looked in the mirror. He looked like an eight year old. As Katie continued to laugh at the naked regressing Jim, Jim accepted his fate and looked at the mirror to see the changes. As Jim looked back at the mirror, he saw a seven year old. Baby fat crept on Jim's face and body as he became even younger. Finally, Jim was left a four year old with a laughing Katie. Suddenly, Jim started crying. AHHH WAHHHH!

  1. Katie makes Jim even younger
  2. Katie shows Jim to Mom
  3. Jim wets himself
  4. Katie gives Jim a bath

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