To make you Obedient

Infinite AR - Episode 15747

"Yeah right!" Exclaimed Jim. "Lisen Claire, I'm not much of a submissive, and I don't think a collars going to work in your favor."

"Really, then you wont mind proving it." Claire said calmly.

Jim thought about it for a minute and said, "Alright but if it doesn't make me obedient you get put in the collar for a week, deal?"

"Deal" with that Claire quickly strapped the caller around Jim's neck.

Jim sat there waiting for his chance to prove this was pointless for about five minutes. Nothing seemed to change, and he was about to remove the thing since Claire didn't seem to be giving any orders anyway.

Just then Claire commanded, "Jim want you to strip naked right here and ask 'please mistress turn me into your perfect fantasy?'"

Before he could react Jim began to undress. All the while he was trying to resist the command, but it seemed his body moved on its own. Then, standing naked in front of her he timidly began to speak.

"Please mistress, turn me into your perfect fantasy."

  1. Diaper Slave Jim
  2. Puppy Jim
  3. Sissy Little Pants Wetter Jim
  4. Impotent Old Slave Jim
  5. Eager Slutty Jim

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